I gotta tell somebody about my great week last week or I'll bust! On last Wed. I took an 85 mi. trip up and around Vinton Co. and into Ross and one other county and had a great time exploring and sightseeing little side roads of interest.Took my camera along this time and shot a few pictures along the way.Weather was perfect,but a little hot when you stopped.On Saturday I rode 118 mi. just doodling around all day and into the night exploring other trails and turn-offs along the way.No problems and great weather! I know one of these days the Sebring's gonna quit on me or I'm gonna bust a tire,or a chain,but that's what my pick-up and my cell phone are for,right? I have Linda prepared for the possibility she might have to drive up to get me.Yesterday evening I took my 10 yr.old Weston out on the `ped and we traveled 36mi.down around the southern part of Jackson Co..He really loved it! We stopped quite often and had refreshments and finally I got him home about 11:00 P.M..I didn't go fast and was really careful.So that's my story.Nothing real exciting,just having fun.Hope I'm not boring anyone.Just sayin' there's a good time out there for everybody that wants it,probably.BYE!


jess_monster /

Good to here your story. I finally got my Express running right (well sort of) and went on a long cruise with a friend who's ped broke down. It was great. We have a nice lake to go around and there are countless trails to go through. The only thing scary is that Mitchell is on the way to Sturgis. For those who don't know, which there probably isn't many, Sturgis is THE motorcycle rally to go too. Anyways you feel a little nervous cruising on the same road as big tattooed bikers. But they almost all have respect for pedders. The people I don't like are the twice a year Harley riders and all crotch rocket riders. I've found that these people are the ones to avoid and not the Hell's Angel's or any of the tattooed riders. I kind of got off track and vented a little but Don keep having FUN.



Get a length of 3" plastic pipe and mount it to your ped. Paint it to match your bike and on the side stencil it with "Tire Tool". Stick your favorite baseball bat in it. :) A rolling wheel and a bat make for a bad day.



Thanks,Jess! I'm gonna try to keep having fun;it's my mental crutch ,you know? I'm glad you're out there and taking some big trips.The long trips are where I seem to get to relax the most and enjoy the most.And Nick,you lost me on the baseball bat thing.I guess I'm not young enough to `get it'.I don't have room for the pipe anyway I doubt,unless Wayne could give me some advice on cramming.


Oh,Jess! I meant to ask if you got the elderly gentleman's `ped running for him and what the problem turned out to be? I hope it's fixed?


Reeperette /

I wouldn't reccommend using a bat from the back of a ped...as satisfying at it sounds....thing is, any solid object...you hit something with it, at speed, you'll likely clean yourself right off the back, what I call a "physics lesson" as it were.

Much better for that sorta use is something that's gonna soak up the shock and not transfer it to your arm, length of chain, nunchaku, cobra snapwhip (coilspring type), ball and chain morningstar....tho that last is a bit extreme, one would think.

My personal pref is the ole handy length of chain, it's useful, can be discreetly piled into a pocket, and also serves to lock up the bike when you park it somewhere.

Also, if yer gonna use something like this, switch your brake handles, so that the rear brake is on the same hand as the throttle, that way you don't risk takin a ride over the bars when you tap the brake and come around for another pass.



Don't jump to conclusions...

There are good and bad people in any activity... and crotch rocket guys are no worse than Harley riders... and if you think Harley riders in general are going to treat you well... or sportbikes in general will treat you bad... you've got some learning to do.


Sounds great Don...exploring and enjoying away from the crowds.

Re: stereotypes

well.. the majority of crotch rocketers are yuppie kids, and there are lots of them around here, in sioux falls they travel in packs of 20-30 at times. the harley riders around here are usually doctors, or rather hardcore bikers.. i've only met one guy on a crotch rocket that treaded me with respect, otherwise they all rev their engines up and try to race you....the harley bikers seem to have a lot of respect, i don't think i've seen one rev their engines going around us or anything, and they usually give the occational head nod....

Re: stereotypes

The crotchrockets act like they want to race... and the Harleys don't?

That's because the Harleys are afraid you'll beat them... :)

Re: stereotypes

actually I disagree, the sterotypes seem to fit. Sportbike riders rarely give a nod or anythin, they sometimes even laugh at u. But its ok, I just say, "you may laugh, but when you were 15 you were probably walking, so shut up"

harley riders seem to ride side by side with me when they get a chance, they ask questions and give a nod .. cruisers and touring bikers (goldwings, etc) also have nice people.

- but of course, this is not 100% true, and i am planning to get a sportbike, so go figure, lol.


Fred's Yamakawahondasuki

gimmyjimmy /

There ya go again Fred, pokin fun at us Harley riders, you ever hear me make fun of that Yamakawahondasuki that you hump?


and you won't either, I don't give a rat's whisker what you ride, nor will I ever make fun of it.

a moped riding Harley owner,



Yeah,Fred! I 'm gonna wear my mopeds out one by one!Never thought wearing something out could be that much fun.I went for a 30 mi. ride last evening,and I think the Dellorto float and needle valve are flooding at an idle.I couldn't leave the petcock on when I stopped the engine or it wouldn't start again unless I turned it off and cranked it several times.I'm gonna have to check that out for sure.I suppose instead of leaking it could just be the plastic needle valve worn and letting the bowl fill too high? Oh,and about motorcyclists: Me being here in southern Ohio kinda' shields me from gangs of bikers I guess.But almost all of them have a nod or thumbs up for me.Every so often I get a derisive look,but it's just people that don't think a whole lot about how other people feel.I just wave and act like I don't understand.


Hay Don

I think big long rides are the best, I went for a far drive to get a my new light one day and I did'nt check my gas tank. So on teh way home I went bone dry, but luckely I was 2min from a gas station, so no big deal. It was my first big ride and now I check my tank more often. he he

I wante to drive from London, Ontario to Toronto one day, all side roads, it will be great.

Re: stereotypes

Hay I gots no beef with any other biker of any sork I have never had a bad experience. I was woundering though dose the mopeder nod to other bikers or only wait for the biker to to nod. when one nods to me I always return it but some times wounder if I should intiate the nod

Help me out here


Yeah,Jason! I like long drives! I think it might be better for the `ped too,as far as not building up deposits at the ports,carb.,and muffler.I just bought a long thin Jawa tank on e-bay to act as an extra capacity for my Hero Majestic Ankur,which sadly only holds 7/10ths gal. at the present time.The guy forgot to ship it with a front wheel and tire assembly I purchased,so I'm still waiting.How far will that be on back roads? Will you have to stay overnight?About motorcyclists: I always acknowledge them first,`cause my Dad is always that way and I was raised to show respect and generally consider others superior until they show otherwise.And a motorcycle is also superior to most mopeds,but way overpriced I'd say.



For the Trip to Toronto I guess it may take about 10 hours to get to the camp site, and since I cannot drive on the 401, I have to take back roads. Bring a 2 L bottle of gas for emergencies. So far I cannot do the trip but I hope one day to do it, i think it would be great.

what do you mean "generally consider others superior until they show otherwise"

I am a curtious moped driver, you know no anger as I drive, I love to drive it.

Re: stereotypes

gimmyjimmy /

wave to every two wheeler you pass, even bicycles if ya want.

It never hurts to be social when you are out and about.


gimmyjimmy /


I think you seen to many of them old biker movies Hollywood dumped out.

The "gangs" of bikers ain't gonna bother you, they will be the first to render assistance if needed.

You have alot in common with them, the joy of riding.

as the subject of your post states.

ride on! Don.

Re: stereotypes

A bikers of any kind wount get mad if you nod, wave for no reason, other than greet. On of my friends an (the always angry type) says its a bad idea. I dont see anything wrong with it and now that I know its ok for even a mopeder to great a passing biker than great, the roads can still be a happy place yet. Well they always seem great on a moped, unless its raining.


That's great,Jason! Hope you get to try it soon! Just think ahead and plan it out and it will probably be a blast.What I meant about `considering others superior' is in the Bible at Phillipians chapter 2;verses 3 and 4.When you get time,check it out.


I've been to the many motercycle shows and I have found that the true "biker" is not a mean person like in most movies. Sure like anything there may be a few jerks but overall on the news yo always here about a Hells Angles get to gether and them saying either the cops will boost secerity or that they are fine there.

Ya and my biker friend was saying a while ago that if you are stranded, putting your helmet on certain pars of you bike mean certain things like help, motor broken down... Dose anyone know the little things you do like that I believe what you said about a biker being the first to help because tehy know what it is like more than a car driver would.

i guess

Re: stereotypes

Yeah,Gimmyjimmy.You never know when one of those people may see you having trouble on the road and remember that friendly wave and help you out.Like that guy Brian was talking about in the `beat up' Subaru brat,that came along with 2-cycle mix and a ride for him.The only thing I'd say as a word of caution is to the girl mopeders:Some people misinterpret a woman's wave as a sign of invitation,and there's some guys out there that it's not healthy to wave to when you're `pedding alone.These are the guys that could cause me to lose that Phillipians 2:3,4 attitude toward them to the tune of a few lost teeth.(theirs hopefully).

Re: stereotypes

I agree about the female rider thing, but it seem wave if you want to and it dosent matter to who raelly matter you wil not offend someone or pi$$ someone off??

I just wanna ride -cause no trouble

Re: stereotypes

XBrandon EdgeX /

If they're staring at you, I find it best to initiate a nod. 90% of the time they will either nod back or grin or do that "biker wave" thing where they move their hand about 6 inches out from the handlegrip.


gimmyjimmy /

I don't know about the helmet on the bike signs, but usually any rider seen working on the engine or sitting next to it with a look of disgust on their face is a telltale sign of a problem.


Or even the moped on the ground and you kicking it would be a sign. I was just woundering about that helmet thing anyway

My Moped is great I doubt I wil have to worry much about that anyway. I hope

I actually am trying to fix a running problm no but im sure it will be fine


Watch out Jason! The A.S.P.C.M. sees you doing that and they'll call me to come and take your `ped to my home for Abused `peds with my Abused `peds picker-upper tailgate! I'd hate to do that to a buddy of mine,BUT ORDERS IS ORDERS !

Sorry GJ

I was treated badly by the first Harley rider I ever came across on the road a looong time ago.... and many many times since... so it has become an almost natural reaction to anything 'Harley".

Neither 'side' should really have that reaction... but a lot of us do (both sides) ... it reminds me of the Jews and Arabs in Jerusalem... everybody wants to retaliate for the last smack.

I was just having a bit of fun.... will try to avoid that kind of 'fun'.

Re: stereotypes

And since the main difference between those 2 groups is age... then what you are saying is that young people act dumb... I'd say that is right... and when you get your sportbike... maybe you will act a little better ???

By the way... I am old .. and I ride sportbikes... and I don't treat pedders bad... I always sloew down and check out the bike to see what it is and what kind of shape its in.

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