Qt50 with light spark


I am trying to get a 81 QT50 up and running. I think I have narrowed down the problem to a light spark at the plug. I have checked all the fuel things, gas goes into line (new line and filter), carburator cleaned out, air filter replaced, plug is wet with gas after a few turns of the kickstarter. When I pull the sparkplug and touch it on the cylinder head I get either very low spark or no spark at all. Yes I cleaned and whipped of the wet plug. I have even tried a new plug. No change. I have replaced the battery prior to knowing that it would no effect the spark at the sparkplug. I measure volatage between the power wire to the coil and ground. I get somewhere close to 13 volts. But expecting to see a large voltage at the end of the sparkplug cap I can only read millivolt deflections. I am thinking of replacing the coil or trying to figure out if my coil is good. The only think I can think of left to do is the CDI chip if mine has one. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have downloaded freds list and I am at the end of my knowledge of what to check.



Re: Qt50 with light spark

Did you replace the coil wire or check it for shorting to the frame or somewhere?

Re: Qt50 with light spark

Well I fixed the light spark! All it needed was to have the spark plug cap screwed back on the spark plug wire. DOH!

I came home today expecting the machine to crank right up with the spark plug cap screwed on the spark plug wire. FIrst crank it started right up. It rev'ed way up then died. Come to find out the gas was turned off. Yes I am new to motorcycles. Anyway it now will not start again. Plug is very wet upon removal, so I figure I am flooding the thing. Maybe later tonight I can try to start it again with the gas turned on this time. I feel I am close, but have the feeling that too much gas is going into the engine. I have set the main screw (phillips head) to 1.5 turns from full in, and the small screw (regular head) to 2 turns from full in. I will hope to get something going later, now that I have spark!

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