50cc or under, 2HP or under

Bob Carroll /

Howdy folks,

Like many states, I suppose, here in Nevada a moped engine must be 50cc or under and 2 hp or under to be driven without registration/insurance etc. It is easy to find "cc" ratings on mopeds on the internet but horsepower engine ratings don't seem to be too common. Do any mopeds meeting these restrictions get decent speeds in the +40mph range?

Looking around I found a few mopeds that met the 50cc restriction that seem to be well liked:

Derbi Atlantis

Kymco People 50

Avanti Autopower

Yamaha Jog

Do any of these have engines that meet the 2 hp or less restriction? Are there other you like that meet this restriction and also can travel at +40mph?

Thanks for any assistance. I'm new to mopeds but have thought about buying one for years.

Bob Carroll, Las Vegas

Re: 50cc or under, 2HP or under

You can't go wrong with the AUTOPOWER as far as top speed and it has pedals if that's a requirement that you missed.Also check out the Avanti Supersport.Many 50cc bikes with so-called 2 hp will hit 40-45,with tweaking and bi-turbo exhausts.Just don't let the cops see you do it! The Supersport may also hold more gas,being a top-tank,and in wide-ranging NEVADA that may be a plus.Remember,you can't just check the general laws,because some states have hard to find rules and you wouldn't want to buy a scooter or `ped without pedals and have to go thru all that rigamorole because you didn't get all the traffic laws for MOTORIZED BICYCLES or MOPEDS.BYE!

Re: 50cc or under, 2HP or under

Your best bet is probably to visit a dealer in Nevada and ask them..."which ones of these have to be licensed as motorcycles?"... because that is what the Gov. requires... if it is faster than 2hp or 30mph it is supposed to be licensed as a motorcycle... but you should ask... because everywhare is different.

Re: 50cc or under, 2HP or under

Richard King /

I've got a Derbi atlantis. Never had any problems. It's a "scwheat machine". In VA it is classifed as a MOPED, i.e. no license, insurance etc. In VA it is less than 50 cc and it can't go over 35mph.(Mime hauls a.., 55-60). I haven't had a problem in VA however over in DE at the beach all MOPEDS must be licensed to be operated on the hwy. To get around this I purchased a VA county motorcycle license plate. The officer in DE who pulled me over just scratched is head and told me to drive safely, after he and his supervisor had a lenghty road side conference, at my request. But you must check w/local laws. Best advice is to speak w/a supervisor in either the police dept or sheriff's office for a clarification of the definition of a Moped. Then if you get pulled, mention to the officer or deputy (in a non-threatening way) that you spoke w/X on blank date and he said xyz(basically is is ok w/o license). It worked for me in VA. In DE my Fairfax County, VA license for a motorcyle worked fine, thou it cost me $25.00 to purchase the tag. Of course I had to explain the reason why I wanted a County license to the tax office. They really didn't care as long as they got their money. The police in DE reviewed their law which states it must be licensed, and mine was, by Fairfax Co. VA.

I'll let you know what happends if I ever get caught for speeding in VA.on the Derbi. I imagine the Judge will take a dim of my interpretation VA Code.


Re: 50cc or under, 2HP or under

Man,Voginny is the place to be! A Derbi scooter and no license or insurance reqs.! Darn ,I'm green with envy! Fortunate canine!

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