Need rear brake lever assembly!!!

My moped tipped over and the whole rear brake lever (left side) broke off, taking part of the bracket with it. I tried my trusty motorcycle shop, but, apparently motorcycles don't have the brakelight switch as part of the brake lever system.

I also contacted a moped shop that sells Italian mopeds...because this is an Italian Minarelli (Safari) moped, but they just informed that the company Minarelli is out of business...duh. I should not least they replied!!

I should also mention that this ped has a kick start only, so there is no clutch involved in the brakelever assembly. This is part of the seems most peds have two levers -one brake and one clutch on the left side.

Any info on where I can get such a brakelever assembly would be much appreciated! My ped is completly out of comission and I an deeply distressed by this!!!



Re: Need rear brake lever assembly!!!

Hi! Talk to B.J. at Handy Bikes.They have a surprising inventory and he may be familiar with that bike.Measure the diameter of the handle bar it slides onto before you call.It's 614-299-0550 BYE!

Re: Need rear brake lever assembly!!!

Thanks...I will give them a call!


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