repainting a moped

I'm going to be sanding and repainting the fenders and chain guard of my moped in the next week or two. Anyone have any suggestions on types of paint? I'm probably just going to use spray cans, unless i can find something better. If the fenders turn out good i'm going to strip down the whole bike and paint the frame too. I've attached a picture of my 'ped.


Re: repainting a moped

derrick, i just got my moped painted. it didn't cost too much

but i did do all of the sanding and stripping myself. if you want to do a good job, first you sand with 200 wet/dry sand paper, (using water) then after go over it with a 400 wet/ are going to want to prime it with a like color. after, put on your color. the most important thing that is put on is the clear coat which will allow the paint to resist two cycle gas. and the elements. this is not very easy to find, you might have to get it made by a body shoppe. also the primer should be a special metal anti-rust primer. if you have more questions email me.

love wade

Re: repainting a moped

Reeperette /

Prime it with auto primer, in the spray can.

But to paint it...I have always just gone and bought an el-cheapo airbrush from a Hobby store and used Testors colors.

I don't remember the Code# on it..but "Sapphire Blue Metal Flake" looks really, really nice if you mix some of that (pearl?) color changer powder in it.


Re: repainting a moped


I just re-painted my moped too. I did all the prep my self, I sand blasted all the metal parts down and used a paint gun to put apoxy over the bare metal. I then sanded the plastic down with 140 sand paper (i think it was). Then with the spray gun primeds the sanded apoxy and plastic parts. I then sanded the primer, and on the Frame I used a Purle Blue paint with 2 we coats and that 2 wet coats of clear coat over top. On t the gards and fenders I used a clear/base gloss black paint and did 2 wet coats of that. It looks great.

Also a Good quality spray paint would look good if you dont have connections in a body shop like me or want to waste the money. But do this coats you dont want runs.

Preping is the most important part of any good paint job and one other thing,

Wait a little longer.

Put A little more money into it.

and Brag about it.

Good Luck on that let us know how it goes


Re: repainting a moped- how not to.

When I was 15 years old, I repainted my moped using a combination of Krylon spray paint and ordinary house paint (bright red no less) applied with a brush.

With 15+ years of hindsight, I can say that I would not recommend this method.

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