Batavus speed

I got my speedometer working for the first time since i bought the bike last fall. I was pretty suprised that i could get 30mph on flat no problem (also in a short distance). I know i've gone faster than that on some of the straight long roads around town. Is this normal speed for a Batavus? i assumed it would be slower. I haven't gotten around to cleaning the exhaust or anything yet to try and speed it up.

Re: Batavus speed

Hi! I'm told they had 3 different speed models(20,25,and 30 mph)and it sounds like you hit the jackpot! If it's doing that well I wouldn't make ANY irreversible changes.BYE!

Re: Batavus speed

Yeah, 30 mph sounds pretty good to me.

Re: Batavus speed

i've got a Batavus Bingo and after changing the timing it seems it goes a bit faster than 30 but my speedometer doesn't work so.

Re: Batavus speed

JAce avery /

Hey derrick, whats the name of that moped song on your video?

thanx Jace

Moped song

It's a song called "Moped" by the band "The Suplecs". They're on Mans Ruin Records in the UK.

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