Sounds like marbles

Since I got my Puch 4 weeks ago, there has been noise from the engine. It sounds like marbles bouncing around in the crankcase. My best guess is main bearings. Any other ideas?

Re: Sounds like marbles

hey sounds like piston or piston pin mine did the same so i rebuilt top end easy fix larry in wyoming

Re: Sounds like marbles

Hey, I just pulled down a Tomos A-5 for the same condition, all the bearings were gone... just worn out... save some money and go to a bearing dealer, a main bearing from Tomos was $17 and I paid $6.50 Good luck, Doug D.

Re: Sounds like marbles

You'll have to pull it apart to find out, do a top end job first. If you can find nothing wrong, then it's in the lower end. Check your countershaft sprocket and make sure it's installed tight and check the guts of your exhaust to make sure they aren't loose.

All 2 strokes sound like "marbles in a can&qu

... well.... they do!

Or.... there might be something wrong with it.

Re: Sounds like marbles

Hey.ol'timer! Check your oil level also,and if it's okay,remove the side cover and check the clutch pins,springs,etc.and the bearing play of the shafts.No need to tear the top engine down yet.Besides,it probably needs the oil changed anyway.Who knows,might be something really simple!

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