Riders in NE or IA area

I am looking for anyone who rides in the NE or IA area. I have a moped frame and a bucket of parts sitting in my parents shed. I have been sortof kind of trying to get it together for awhile now and no luck. Parents said that they are going to throw it away if I don't get rid of it soon. Help!!!!

Re: Riders in NE or IA area

Hi,Leo! You're up against it in your situation.Tell your parents you can part the bike out on E-bay and make enough to help buy a running `ped.That'll keep them from tossing out good parts that maybe some of us would buy off you.Now,Iowa is full of mopeds from what I've seen.Especially I think it's ROCK VALLEY,IA that has a slew of them.So pick up a paper from that area.There's got to be a moped for sale there cheap.And only buy one that's running with preferably less than 4000mi.,O.K.?What kind of PARTS BIKE do you have?

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