1974 vespa piaggio CIAO

I just bought a 1974 Vespa Piaggio CIAO for 40 dollars at an Imports yard. I got it home and realized i will need to know how to get it running. It looks like its in descent condition with most all parts. I would like any help on how to get started and all the basics of this style moped.


Re: 1974 vespa piaggio CIAO

Fred's Trouble Shooting Guide is the place to start. Theres a link at the cover page here.

Also use the Search feature to look up all the posts under "Vespa" and "Ciao".


Re: 1974 vespa piaggio CIAO

check for spark. hold the sparkplug on the fins and peddle with motor engaged. if no spark from plug then check your tail light bulb .this acts as a system fuse . if it has been sitting a long time i'd take the carb off and give it a good cleaning,it's not that hard to do. www vespasupershop.com has a service manual for 15. dollars. there's only a float and needle inside, i have a 72 ciao bruce

Re: 1974 vespa piaggio CIAO

another Chris /

Hi, Chris.

I have a 74 and a 76 Ciao, both of which I've worked on extensively. Let me know if you need specific assistence.


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