Suzuki FA-50

I got an 87 Suzuki FA-50 scooter, and it only has 1 speed. I thought it might help if I could put a 2 or 3 speed transmission on it, and gear it more efficiently.

Is it possible, or am I dumb?

Re: Suzuki FA-50

The recognition that your question may be dumb proves that you are not dumb.

However ... the idea that you can change a single speed chaincase tranny into multiple gears is................................. far fetched.

As in........ no way Jose.

Pigs will fly before dat happens.

There is no room and there are no parts that can be installed to do it.

Re: Suzuki FA-50

Yeah, thats about what I figured. I thought maybe somebody might have tried before, though.

Re: Suzuki FA-50

Reeperette /

If you have the skill, take that box apart and clean it.

The FA-50 had jack-diddly for accelleration, but it'll get way up there if you give it time....also check the rear wheel bearings and brakes.


Re: Suzuki FA-50

scott clark /

You are dumb

Rebuild it with a piston kit from a suzuki ea 60 it will go alot better

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