Puch Ignition/ electrical system

XBrandon EdgeX /

Okay, my bike is not getting spark, the coil is good, the points are good, and the wiring is good as far as I can tell. I don't know much about the ignition system so I had my brother look at it and here's what he thinks.

1. the condeser could be bad, but that doesn't mean it should lose spark. He said it's mainly there to "make the bike run better and keep the points from wearing out."

2. it could be something wierd with the wiring, like if the horn isn't working, it cuts the ignition system or something similar.

Would a bad condenser keep the bike from producing any spark? Does a Puch have some wierd way of being wired that a light or horn not working would cause the ignition to cut out?

1977 Puch Newport (Maxi with pinstripes)

7450 miles

Nevermind... Found it! Found it!

XBrandon EdgeX /

It turns out it was a wire going to the horn! How does that work?! I've ridden on burnt out taillight bulbs but when a wire comes off the horn the bike dies! What kind of crazy person designs these things!

That's not the first problem I've had with that blasted horn, either. Another wire came off and the horn would not shut off! All the wires going to that thing look like they're in pretty bad condition. I think an entire horn restoration is in order tomorrow.

Thanks to anyone who was going to respond :)

Re: Nevermind... Found it! Found it!

justin sane /

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Re: Puch Ignition/ electrical system

mark hamilton /

Brandon. Let us all in on what you found, for the good of Puch humanity

Re: Puch Ignition/ electrical system

XBrandon EdgeX /

It was a broken horn wire! I went through all the ignition stuff and it turned out to be a broken wire going to the horn (blue wire with a black stripe or black spots on some bikes) For some reason, the horn is wired in with the ignition.

Re: Puch Ignition/ electrical system

Puch.net has a pic of the wiring for 6 wire Puch which is what your bike should be. Hit the troubleshooting link. I have a 7 wire I made when troubleshooting mine if ya need it.


Re: Puch Ignition/ electrical system

XBrandon EdgeX /

Thanks for all the help, everyone, but I already found the problem (see the response "Nevermind... Found it! Found it!"). It was a loose horn wire. As soon as I can find my soldiering gun, it will run again.

Re: Puch Ignition/ electrical system

Hey X-Brand ! My horn on my MOTOMARINA killed my ignition too.I'm sure Ron remembers the crazy problem.I wonder if mine's similar to yours?

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