Information for Keihin PWS 132 carb

James A. Corbally /

Apparently, the carburetor manufacturers, Keihin, seem to have a "black sheep" carb called the PWS 12(or 132 or 14). This unit does not appear on their site, yet it is the carb used on my machine, a Suzuki Katana.

Anyone ever heard of this unit or know anything about it?



Re: Information for Keihin PWS 132 carb

Most of us here are from the US... and we never got anything much like a Katana 50.

However.... Keihins and Mikunis are pretty similar... tuning info is about the same for them.

And you might find parts diagrams on >

Re: Information for Keihin PWS 132 carb

James A. Corbally /

Thanks Fred!

I'll need to see if there's a number on my carb, but I'll certainly give it a try.

This carb has 2 adjusters, one smaller than the other. The larger one seems to be the idle adjustment (according to the not very clear picture in the owners' manual) but doesn't say what the other one is.

Is there a way to adjust these to find the best setting, showing what to look out for and without destroying my engine?



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