Suzuki Katana AY50 repair manual

James A. Corbally /

Does anyone know the best place to get the repair manual for this machine, or who has one as is willing to part with it?



Re: Suzuki Katana AY50 repair manual

I looked for a repair manual for my Suzuki FZ 50 for a long time. I eventually found one place that is pretty good about having strange manuals (and lots of less overpriced Suzuki parts). It's called Koup's Cycle Shop and their site is Just click on the web parts link and send them an email asking about it because I'm pretty sure that it will be special order.


Re: Suzuki Katana AY50 repair manual

Gijs Houdijk /

Hello David,

Did you find the Suzuki Katana AY50 repair manual?

I am also looking for a repair manual.

If you have some information how to get this repair manual, please inform me.

Greetings Gijs

Re: Suzuki Katana AY50 repair manual

am looking for a suzuki katana manual or repair manual

Re: Suzuki Katana AY50 repair manual

This is of course a scooter, which is not the primary focus of this site, quite the opposite. However, the vehicle you are inquiring about is still being manufactured, sold, and serviced by the Suzuki Company. The manual you require will be sold through them or their representatives at their extensive dealer network.

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