Airhorns (photos)

Wayne Broderick /

I'll check one before I post more. I think it was the lack of a file-type suffix.

This is a front view--- Self explanatory


Re: Airhorns (photos)

Wayne Broderick /

Left side view, labeled.


Re:Right Side

Wayne Broderick /

View of right side... ask if you have questions


Bird's Eye

Wayne Broderick /

Top view


Re: Bird's Eye

Hey Wayne, I like your ped, but it seems a lil loaded- i wanna ask, can you read the speedometer?


Re: Bird's Eye

Wayne Broderick /

yep, got to lean forward a bit... but... I know I'm going somewhere between 15 and 30, and I don't need the speedo fer that

The speaker mount is flexible, can be moved...


I don't know much about stereos...

But I have an idea. You think you'd be able to hook up two small speakers, like, say, Bose, one on each handle bar? I don't know if the battery could handle them, but if it were able to you could set up two more on the back each on a small bar that could swing out with a speaker on the end to provide a better stereo effect. It's hard to describe my idea, and expensive to use small speakers, but it would look cooler and sound better. Also, since the back two speakers would swing out you could be able to swing them back in when trying to squeeze the bike through a tight spot... I don't know, I hope you understand what I'm blabing about.

Re: Airhorns (photos)

Ok lame question Wayne. What runs the airhorns? I don't no crap about them and I wondered how YOU run them on the ped. I keep thinking about pricing those canned disposable air horns like people take to sporting events, and just changing them out often.


Re: Airhorns (photos)

Wayne Broderick /

There's a compresser in the pannier bag. It runs off a small wheel chair battery

About the size of a soda can, makes air whenever you need it.

Re: Airhorns (photos)

Wayne the `Gadget Man' Broderick! What a great bike! Just one thing,Wayne.Where do you put your lunch and libation? (:)

Re: Airhorns (photos)

Wayne Broderick /

I have a pannier pack for the other side. I'm usually near someplace for grub. I do go to school, and with my notebook and books I usually wear a backpack.

The stuff all comes off quickly though, so I can pull off the speakers and pannier bag in about 5 min.

I'm thinking of a front rack... that would be key. Dunno if they make one for a Targa....

Re: Airhorns (photos)

I uz gonna say! I can't enjoy music on an empty stomach! Have you figgered out how to install that hydraulic tailgate yet?If anybody could,it'd be you.

Re: Bird's Eye

Ok stupid question but how did you get the pannier clipped onto the rack.

I can't find pannier clips big enough to fit on the rack. also how do you keep the pannier from dragging on the wheel.

Re: Bird's Eye

Wayne Broderick /

What kind of moped? I did have to modify an "S" hook to grab the rear frame near the chain. It sits further up, so hitting the chain is more of an issue than the tire, But no marks, no wear. I'll get some close-ups of the bag. One key point-- I used the "right" pannier on the left side, so instead of sloping to the rear it slants to the front. (did that make sense?)

The Pannier, if it's a decent quality should have little nuts and bolts holding it together... you replace them--

If you have a tomos, I'd be willing to pull the stuff off while my wife takes photos...

otherwise, I don't know if it'd be much help.

the LL Bean one I use seems perfect.

You'll need to do some free thinking, but I've had this same setup on my mountain bike, my 1st honda express and the tomos. Each one needed a slightly different hook up.

You can also look at the older posts by searching "stereo" I think there might be some shots of the pannier bag, but I don't know if the back side shows.

NO question is stupid. I had to do a lot of testing to get this to work. If I save you time and money-- that's the key. We need a lot of loud mopeds.

Ask anything, and let's discuss more about the pannier bag so I know what you need. We've got the digital camera, so I can photo any hardware you'll need and post it-- I prolly already have most of it.


Re: Pannier Mounts

I also have a tomos so if you could take some detailed shots that would be awesome. I'm sure others would get some use out of it too.

I checked the backdated images but all of them had only front shots of the pannier

I was thinking of using the pannier in the image attached.

I tried to get oversized pannier clips but they max out at 12mm. Still too small for the tomos rack.

So what do you replace the current hardware with. Now that you mentioned s-hooks that may be a solution. I need something that can be easily removed and carried around.




Re: Pannier Mounts

Wayne Broderick /

I can sort of explain-- I'll take pictures as soon as posible.

The pannier pack will need additional bungi to hold it against the rack.. I used metal loops to run a bungi around in back of the pannier

I could never get the pannier bag to work without additional bungi support.

The bottom of the pannier bag hooks to an s hook I bent around the rear frame hole near the rear sprocket.

The top pannier hook sits close to the rear of the seat. it wouldn't be stable though, until I added bungi. You'll need to experiment with the bungee, every time I take it apart and put it back on, I do more with less bungi.

You can bend the stock hooks too, if you had to. I have my pannier bag in the house, so I'll photo all parts.

Just think about it, and you'll see a way. my pack is a lot different than yours-- I'd need to see the side of the pack that faces the rack.... do you already own the pack you'll use??

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