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i just bought a 1978 garelli rally sport and i love it soooooooooooooo much. Newayz, i bought it really cheap, and i have a lot of work to do, but I was just wondering what the mix is for the fuel as far as ratio of gas to oil. I know that there is the gear oil that goes in the engine, but I could not find a hole for regular 2-stroke oil, so i assume you mix the oil, right? If so, what is the ratio?!

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not too familar with garrellis but for most mopeds its 50:1 i run 45:1 just to keep my engine alittle extra lubricated.

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Dr. Horatio Wiggly Tiggly /

Use a combination of nitrous and jet fuel in substitution for any oil. The results don't last very long at all, but they are certainly more impressive. Also, only do this if you have some sort of life-threatening disease, and are going to die shortly.

Horatio Wiggly Tiggly

Oil Injector

Look under the gas tank for the oil injection tank, some of them had it, you can't miss it, it has OIL INJECTOR printed in bold letters on it's side. If your's doesn't have one, use a premium two cycle oil ( Klotz or Golden Spectro for example, everyone swears by a different brand ) at 50:1. The important thing is to stick with one brand of oil. Motorcycle stores sell a device called a Ratio-Rite, all it is is a graduated cup that takes the guess work out of mixing your gas and it has a lot of other uses too plus it's cheap.

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You should get somebody who actually knows your bike to tell you. Call Handy Bikes. I would not use 50:1 inless that is what is supposed to be used. I used 50:1 on my Cady for a while and then looked in my manual and it said to use 24:1. I would call someone who knows what they are doing before you start to mix gas...

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I don't know anything about Garelli's so I don't know what the oil/fuel ratio is or what they use for a tranny lubricant. Better find out and change it out though. No telling how much is left in there and how long its been since its been changed...

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