Honda Aero 80 barely runs

<HTML>I bought a 1983 Honda Aero 80 two stroke from a neighbor. Iv'e had real difficulty getting it to run. It starts up but it won't run well at any speed and it has no power. Strangely, over the course fiddling around with it, I have had it running well intermittantly several times but then after a couple of days of riding it it starts running poorly again. The last time that it was running well, my kid said that he went over a speed bump in the road and all of a sudden it started sputtering again. The time before that, it crapped out just after he dropped it down off of the kick stand. Initially, I thought it was a carb problems but I've been into the carb several times and I am sure it is clean. I'm beginning to wonder if it is possible that there is a problem in the ignition system. Any ideas?</HTML>

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<HTML>hey man

it is definitely a carb problem. i know you think you cleaned out the carb but

there is a passage behind one of the jets in the carb body that is really narrow and

you need to go thru it with a guitar string or something like that. i dont work on

honda aeros much but this old guy i know does and he was telling me about

how he gets all these aeros and sprees for cheap because people cant get them to

run right. he knows its the carb . just soak it real well in cleaner and then look for

that passage. i will try to talk with this guy later this week and see exactly where

this passage is. e-mail me later</HTML>

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Lee Fleischer /


I have an Areo 80 and I have cleaned this little beauty up. I cleaned the carb and rejetted to 2#s up from the stock (#82). Cleaned the bore and piston also. Stock parts ( I want to add a tuned pipe soon) and it runs at about 43-45, with lotts of climing power!

I will be glad to let you know some of the tricks I have found out about the transmission and carb.


Lee Fleischer

RE: Honda Aero 80 barely runs

I,ve just picked up a mid 1980's Aero 80 that sat in a guys barn for 10 years with a tank full of gas. I pulled the tank and found it full of goo. A hand full of marbles dumped in the tank and lots of shaking has it clean now and I've cleaned out the sediment bowl of the carb. The scooter only has 750 miles on it and I hope I can get it running. I have zero experience with these little things so I've appreciated reading the comments and suggestions here. The fuel petcock is crudded so I've ordered a new one.

Mark T.

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Normally you can just clean fuel petcocks out. Check out Fred

RE: Honda Aero 80 barely runs

I have a aero 125 which i had the same problem with. It could be two things, i'm not too familiar with the 80 but my 125 has an auto choke, there is a jet in the float bowl that is very tiny and runs from the float bowl to a passageway that is casted right beside the float bowl, if this is not clean it will be a bitch to start and the choke will not work, also if the choke is stuke either down or up it won't run right. Other than these two things the carb is relatively simple. Also check oyur reed valve manybe that is your problem and not the carberator at all. If the reed is cracked or even has a pin whole the scoot won't run.

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Re: Honda Aero 80 barely runs

True but a 2 stroke....they only had them here for 1 year I think.

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Re: Honda Aero 80 barely runs

<HTML> Zombiethread


Goose McGooserton </HTML>

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can you believe thost scooternerds, they dont even have real profiles

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Gruff "(OFMC)" - /

pfff 1999

Re: Honda Aero 80 barely runs

Leo is still on this forum quite often

Re: Honda Aero 80 barely runs

i was on here a little back then but i forget what name i was

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Gromosaurus Rex - Brad Pitt /

wrong century fuckface

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