chopper builder wanted

II've got 16 new Yamaha "Vino"'s. I want to find an experienced builer to convert 6-8 of them into harley type choppers or will supply engines,whells, etc. to custom frames,etc. By the way, these are GREAT mopeds and very retro-cool looking. Can be made to go 45+ in 20 mins. for no cost!, and 5db sound increase.

Re: chopper builder wanted

Reeperette /

Call me interested....but how "much" mod are you looking for ?

I'll help mod just about anything, but I draw the line at anything that'll require welding or torching roomie would kill me.


What for ??

Why would you want to hack up 6 new Yamaha scooters into 'chopper wannabees'?

Do you run a rental business or something ??

I don't know what a Yam 'Vino' is exactly... but an all new frame and wheels and changeover would easily run you upwards of $1200 apiece... maybe $2000 apiece.

Just the facts ma'am.

Re: chopper builder wanted

Are you interested in selling any of them in stock form?

Re: What for ??

Ron Brown /

A re-make of "The Wild Bunch" on a limited budget?

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