air horn

I read several posts in the past of people mounting air horns to their peds.

Where have you people mounted the horn?

Has anyone actually mounted a button on the handlebar controls?

If so how did you do it?

Can you place the tank and the horn on different locations?

If so what are the modifications needed to the tank/horn?

Any help would be apreciated.

Sounds like a good idea after reading the death post.

Re: air horn

Wayne Broderick /

I've got all kinds of information.

Currently, I have 3 speakers, a 12v car stereo and an 80 watt amp

Also, airhorns mounted at the front of the bike. Two of em, one points right. I'll post a few new pics today. After you look at the pics I post, you'll be able to ask more specific q's about the setup.

Also, search older posts for "Stereo"

Re: air horn

Most store and marinas sell portable air horns that run on disposable CO2 cans, they are very very loud, and they fit in automotive soda can holders that you can tiewrap to your handlebars.

Re: air horn

Wayne Broderick /

Or, you could spend 20$ and get a compressor, 2 horns and a length of tube.

Yes, BTW, I've got a handy button next to the stock horn button. How loud? So loud it sounds more like a train or ambulance.

plus, I think my setup looks nicer than a big can of air on your handlebars would.

There is a nice link to something inbetween the boat air-can and the full compressor setup.

Item Number Description Price Add Item

AH1000 AirZound Horn 24.99

See attached photo


Top View (Attachment)

Wayne Broderick /

There is a lot of older information about what is inside the bag and how it is wired. You can search the board for that information-ask if you need help on finding it. .

The top view attached here shows a birds eye of the moped with all the gear.

Right Side View (Attachment)

Wayne Broderick /

Right side view with text overlay. Ask if you want more info about how anything is attached.

Left Side (Attachment)

Wayne Broderick /

More, another photo with text overlay explaining as much as possible.

Front View (Attachment)

Wayne Broderick /

More, a front view with explanation. ask with questions. The air compressor is small, like a can of soda-- it needs no tank. runs on 12v cheap too. 20$, 30$ tops

Glad to help

Wheelie (attachment)

Wayne Broderick /

Wear your helmet. My wife let me get away with this one. As you can see-- the bike has way too much power for me.

Ready (Attachment)

Wayne Broderick /

ready for takeoff. All systems go.

Turbines charged, ready to move out.

Crazy (Attachment)

Wayne Broderick /

I am not crazy. Are the bells in my head bothering you?

Re: Crazy (Attachment)

Thanks Wane/Brian,

All your help has been greatly appreciated.

Now there is a jet black tomos that sounds like a dirtbike and has the horn of a Semi.

Thanks especially to Wane for all the attachments.

I am sure this post will keep people thinking of customizing for safety and deliverance of destruction.


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