Justin! Our fallin' apart mopeds will run over your ugly, little-wheeled toy if you don't behave,little boy! Wanna play chicken sometime?


Jamie Leonard /

Well I'm pretty sure that if your goped sets my moped on fire... you're leaking gas buddy ;) (Besides lets' hit some bumpy pavement and see who finishes the ride!)

Go-peds are slow... and you know it.

Virtually any moped is faster than your 21mph overgrown skateboard.

And most mopeds are quieter.

And mopeds handle turns and bumps better.

And Go-Peds are illegal on public roads here.

So ........... You lose.

Re: Go-peds are slow... and you know it.

Reeperette /

So that's what the damn things are called ?

Hell..I can PUSH my damn moped faster than mosta those things.

I had a pair of roller skates(not blades) with a weedwhacker motor on em once, back in like, THAT was an interesting ride.



first off lets see ur goped go 40+ mph on the flats

Second y r u so supid to come on here insult us with ur petty trash and leave your email address???


XBrandon EdgeX /

Funny you should say that. Do you own a moped as well? Well, I have a go-ped and a moped and here's the stats.

Top speed on moped: 35+ after mods

Top speed on go ped: 23 after mods

Modifications to moped: Biturbo exhaust.

Modifications to goped: Open exhaust, high performance carb. advanced timing, aftermarket drive built for speed

Miles traveled without breakdown on moped: 1000 and counting

Miles traveled without breakdown on goped: not even 100

Things ever gone wrong on moped: spark plug boot shorted out

Things ever gone wrong on goped: carb constantly goes out of tune, countless tires, broken flywheel

Miles on moped currently: 7,450

Miles on goped currently: maybe 100

Price paid for moped: $275

Price paid for goped: $450

Total invested in moped: about $400

Total invested in goped: about $700

Moped has lasted: 24 years and running strong

Goped has lasted: limping at 1 year

where can I go on a moped: anywhere my heart desires

where can I go on a go-ped: anywhere my heart desires, as long as my heart only desires to go to the end of the driveway

the facts speak for themselves. I kick myself for ever buying a go-ped


XBrandon EdgeX /

okay, I'll admit that was a little one-sided. the goped has it's advantages, too.

Goes through smaller, tighter areas

Trick riding is easier

Stores easily

Gas mileage may be slightly better than with my old Puch

But when it comes to practicality and reliablility and even performance, the moped is just much much further up on the scale


Something else X-Brand! Can you run one of those dinky things safely on the street? A pothole would do a number on you wouldn't it?And jumping off at 23mph....WHEW! I don't want to try that ever! I think you made your point.You might want to sell that thing before you get the urge to go another 100 mi. on it.


XBrandon EdgeX /

Yeah, I've had some close calls on it. I fell off the first 5 minutes I had it out of the box! I was going full speed on it a few times and hit a pebble in the road. (they're not street legal, by the way, but I take it out on a low-traffic 45 mph road near my house on occaision) A pebble will dump you hard, but I've managed to keep it up at full speed so far. Even though I do ride it on the street sometimes, it doesn't even nearly compare to my regular country-to-town rides on my beautiful Puch Newport. Also, I probably won't sell it. I seem to grow deeply attached to everything I own. Even if I don't like something, I don't want to get rid of it. I don't know if it has to do with the idea of seeing other people enjoy "my stuff" or if it has to do with that fear of needing something after it's gone, which is the same reason I don't throw anything away. It's a weird mentality, but then, I'm a weird kid :)


Yeah,I've unfortunately got the same mentality.Got it from my Dad a regular pack-rat, he is.I've got an old `71 Ford pickup truck with 400,000 miles and I can't bear to part with it.It's got a high-compression 460 engine in it,and it's geared to fly.I haven't driven it for ages.Probably seized engine by now.Drove it doin' all that concrete work for years from town to town.What a truck! Hydraulic tailgate,air cond., reinforced bed, Extra heavy duty mag wheels,and electricity for running saws,drills,stoves, lights,elctric jackhammers,etc.Had a business radio in it I could call the concrete trucks on in case they or I got lost.Especially handy before cell phones were useful in southern ohio.I think I've talked myself into going out and runnin' that thing.OH,NO !!


Ron Brown /

Justin may have the wrong idea about gopeds but his subject was right on, I can't believe how many responses he got. Maybe that college survey was more correct than we admit.



XBrandon EdgeX /

Hydraulic tailgate? C'mon! Tailgates aren't THAT heavy :)


Ron Brown /


I think he means one of those gadgets used for loading junk peds into the truck to haul them home to the D.S.P.C.M. (Don's Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Mopeds.)



steve morse /

yeah those things pretty much universally suck. I saw a kid hit a pebble on one the other day, and it launched him pretty good. my dads little RC plane motor is probably more powerful than one of those trendy pieces of Wal-Mart shit


jess_monster /

That reminds me. In my town, maybe even yours, we have CHINS (Child In Need of Supervision). Well I told this guy who works for the county that I was going to have to take his moped because of the MINS law Moped In Need of Supervision. It didn't work but I'm gonna get it someday.


Fuck man, cant we all get along? I have a 2 Sport Gopeds, and well, I love em (for short distance commutes). . .and I have 1 Tomos Moped, and well, I love that too. I find the moped easier and more user friendly on the whole, however- the Goped is just plain fun.

In my senario, my Goped is problem free, and I have only fallen 2 or 3 times (i don't attempt tricks often). My moped is a much better thing for father travels (over 1/2 mile), but I cant/wont say I wish I didn't buy my Goped.

But, for the record- Most any Moped will burn a Goped. Unless you spent $500 on a reed motor, then not only are you rich and stupid, you are pushing your luck going 40 on something with wheels the diameter of a bagel.

(my Gopeds are stock, so I only spent 400 on the goped, I did however spend 1700 for my Targa and all the mods on it)


Rob Gibbons /

im happy your Piece Of Shit broke down! You deserved it!


I'll tell you one thing,X-Brand and Ron! If you ever get one of those `abused mopeds retirement center' loading tailgates,you'll never own another truck without one! I've already applied for a Federal Grant for a MOPED MAUSOLEUM and I'm expecting to hear from them any decade now. (:)

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