Flat Tire! (Kinetic TFR story and question)

(If you don't want to read the story, the question is at the bottom.)

Damn! I was riding down the road and I hear blam and then clink clink (the small, rusty piece of metal that popped my tire)...That was the beginning of that bad day...

Now I just bought this Kinetic TFR a few weeks ago. I had been looking around for a scooter/moped since last Fall and I was getting impatient with summer being in full swing and all, so I made a nice $900 impulse buy at this place 40 or so miles from my house, which was the closest place around that sold mopeds. I have never ridden any motorized vehicle except for a car before, so when I took it down the road that first time, it blew my mind, even at 20mph.

At first I overlooked how cheesy all the various parts of it were, but then as the adreneline from the first ride wore off over the weeks, the many little quirks of the bike started getting to me. I mean, I paid $900 for it, almost as much as I paid for my car, but the bike just didn't seem to be very well made, and I could only imagine how many problems I was going to have with it a few months down the road. Then I started panicking as I realized I just spent $900 on something I didn't really need, when I should be saving up for college. So I took out an ad in the paper for 800/Best Offer.

I got a call the first morning it was in the paper, and let the person come over, take it down the street, etc. but I was planning to take it down to get some of the stuff fixed on it that I thought was such a big deal, first (crooked wheel, the air filter kept falling off, took 6 kicks to start etc.). I, of course, knowing nothing about it, and being afraid to actually try to work on it because I didn't want to break anything, didn't realize how very minor the problems were. The Steering was fixed by the shop owner putting a leg on either side of the wheel and twisting the handlebars to straighten it out. The air filter just needed a little clasp tightened and I realized later that I just needed to give it more gas as it was starting up to warm up the engine and keep it idling after 2-3 kicks.

When I got back home, I rode it one "last" time before I sold it. The ride was so much fun, I just couldn't think of any reason not to keep it. So to make a long story one sentence longer, I took the add out of the paper and kept the bike.

So, here's the big QUESTION:

I popped my damn tire, how do I take the back wheel off this thing so I can patch the tube? Bicycle tires are one thing, but this back wheel area of a TFR seems extremely complex, and in the manual it just says "You don't need to take off the back tire to remove the tube." Yeah, just like I don't have to take off my pants to take off my underwear? I might have to take it to the shop, which is something I really don't want to do. My formerly pristine car now stinks heavily of gas and oil and my upolstery is torn to pieces, and I just don't want to put it in the back anymore! So, if it's possible, help me, please!

Re: Flat Tire! (Kinetic TFR story and question)

Michael L. /

I think what the manual means is that you dont have to take the tire completely off..you take half of it off like a bike tire. the part that's a pain about rear wheels is that you got two chains to take off of the sprockets and put back on. also, a brake cable that you probably have to disconnect (though i dont know anything about kinetics so it might be long enough to leave on while changing the tube..). If youve changed a tube on a bike you should be able to figure it out ok. just be careful not to puncture your new tube while putting it on..

Re: Flat Tire! (Kinetic TFR story and question)

Ron Brown /


If you know where the the puncture is, you can lever that piece of the tire off the rim, pull the bad part of the tube out and patch it without removing the wheel.

If you have not done this before, have someone help you who is familiar witth bicycle tire repair.

If you do remove the wheel, check alignment and drive chain tension when you re-assemble it.


Re: Flat Tire! (Kinetic TFR story and question)

I don't have anything to add regarding removal of the back tire, but I'd recommend you have someone do it for you (a bicycle shop should be able to take care of it) and perhaps you could watch them do it for future reference.

One thing i've learned from this forum is that mopeds tend to vibrate a lot when you're riding them, so it's a good idea to get in the habit of checking things like screws and cables and whatnot on a regular basis to see if anything has come loose. It's not a defect of the 'ped. Another thing is to check the air pressure in both tires maybe once a week or so. Get to know your 'ped and how it runs and sounds.

One more thing, follow the manufacturer's recommendations regarding the break-in period. Very important.

Have fun & happy riding!

Re: Flat Tire! (Kinetic TFR story and question)

Ron Brown /


Excelent words of wisdom. Cleaning your ped regularly is a good way to get up close and personal with it and is the best way I know to find potential problems before they become serious. A drop or two of oil everwhere things move also works wonders.


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