Dead on the Moped

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Re: Dead on the Moped

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Moped accident ends in death

By Victor Hill

Staff Writer

October 18, 2000

A Illinois man was killed shortly after 5:30 p.m., Oct. 10, while driving a moped that collided with a car near the intersection of Watson Drive and Inlet Drive.

A spokesman for the Florida Highway Patrol said Richard L. Bojanowski, 53, of Shaumberg, Ill., was driving west on Watson Drive. Marco resident Mark C. Melican, 23, was headed east on Watson Drive. Bojanowski crossed into the left lane and collided with Melican.

Bojanowski was thrown from the moped and was killed. He was not wearing a helmet, Trooper Raymond Ada reported.

No charges will be filed because Bojanowski was found at fault in the accident.

Re: Dead on the Moped

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Woman found guilty of causing death of moped rider

A woman has been found guilty of causing the death of a 21-year-old student after the car she was driving ploughed into his moped.

Barmaid Catherine Hill, 20, of Johnsons Road, Whitehall, Bristol, was convicted of causing death by dangerous driving by a jury at Bristol Crown Court.

Hill was driving an MG Montego when it collided head-on with a moped being ridden by Luke Gale, a student from Surrey at the University of the West of England in Bristol, on October 3, 1999.

The court heard that Hill drove away from the scene in Ashley Down Road in the city and did not go to the police until three days after the crash. Judge Lester Boothman remanded her in custody and adjourned sentence pending reports for a later date.

The jury rejected Hill's defence that she had been momentarily distracted by her friends who were poking her and shouting at her while she was trying to drive. Police estimate that Hill was driving the car at between 36mph and 53mph around the blind bend.

Andrew Macfarlane, prosecuting, said: "She admitted that she approached the bend paying no attention to it.

"She left the scene with a man lying dead as a result of the accident she had caused. She had a mobile phone with her that night but she did not use it to call for help.

"She does not feel any concern or regret for the death of Luke Gale."

Hill was driving a friend's car from the Coach and Horses pub, where she worked, to the Victoria pub before heading on but denied drinking.

The court heard that she narrowly avoided hitting a taxi as she swerved over to the wrong side of the road as she approached the corner.

She admitted she turned her face away from the road and when she turned back she saw a bright light before crashing into the moped. She claimed she had not realised anyone was injured and drove off.

Story filed: 16:02 Wednesday 28th February 2001

Re: Dead on the Moped

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This is a Much longer article. I'll paste the first paragraph. It's not USA but it is directly moped -related

Helmet Use Among Adolescent Motorcycle and Moped Riders -- Rome, Italy, 1994

In Italy, motor-vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death among persons aged 15-20 years, and motorcycles account for a substantial proportion of traffic-related fatalities: in 1993, of the 6349 traffic-related deaths reported in Italy, 1342 (21.1%) occurred among motorcycle and moped users, and 261 (19.4%) of these deaths were among persons aged 15-20 years. Because of the risks for head injury and death, in 1986 a national law was enacted requiring operators of motorcycles or mopeds to use helmets under specified conditions. To assess compliance with this law and factors associated with helmet use among adolescents in a metropolitan area, in October 1994 the National Institute for Health conducted a survey of a sample of high school students in Rome. This report presents findings of this survey, which indicate that helmet use was low, particularly among moped users and among passengers.

Re: Dead on the Moped

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* On July 20, 1975, while riding his moped in Ontario, Erskine Ebbin was struck and killed by a taxi -- the same taxi, with the same driver carrying the same passenger, that had killed his brother, Neville, on the same moped, on the same street, on the same day of the previous year.

Re: Dead on the Moped

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You HAVE to check this one out. The way they refer to Mopeds is kind of upsetting, but WE all know better. I've attched a pic.

16 years later, DUI law keeps man off moped



Re: Dead on the Moped

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Moped Driver Killed In Car Crash

BRAINERD, Minn., Posted 2:30 p.m., August 2, 1999 -- A moped driver is dead after a three-vehicle accident near Brainerd.

The State Patrol said Dolores Hurkman, 56, was driving a moped around 2:30 yesterday afternoon on Highway 25 in Merrifield north of Brainerd, when she crashed.

By the time police arrived to the accident scene, Hurkman was dead. No one else was injured.

Re: Dead on the Moped

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Hawaii ---- Sounds like a bad Brady Bunch episode

Visitor Killed In Big Island Moped Crash

Brent Suyama, Staff Writer

April 2, 2001, 10:07 a.m. HST

KONA, Hawaii -- A tourist was killed Sunday night when the moped he was riding in crashed late Sunday night in Kona.

The visitor lost control of the moped, struck a guardrail and hit his head, according to police.

Paramedics treated and transported the victim to Kona Community Hospital where he was pronounced dead at 11:56 p.m.

Police are withholding the victim's identity until the next of kin can be notified.

An autopsy has been ordered to see if alcohol was a factor in the crash.


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There is nothing funny about this one. Ride Safe. This Moped Rider's crash is one sad story.... it makes your stomach knot. Be super careful... wear a helmet.

KM man killed in moped wreck

Cassie Tarpley and Shana Bretzius

Special to The Gazette


Re: Dead on the Moped

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How do they die?

Moped victims: by crash opponent

Of the 80 mopedists killed each year, almost 40 were run over by a car, approx. 15 by a lorry, and approx. 5 by a delivery van. Besides this there were nearly 20 who died in an accident without crash opponent.

Of the mopedist in-patients, the share of cars as crash opponent was greater than those killed (55%-60%), and lorries approx. 4%. This means that crashes with lorries are relatively more often fatal.

Moped rider crushed under truck-trolley

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Moped rider crushed under truck-trolley


Chandigarh, Oct 11: A man was killed after he was reportedly hit by a truck-trolley near Daria village here today.

The deceased has been identified as Jeewan Mishra of Daria village. He was taken to the PGI where he succumbed to injuries.

Police sources said the truck driver Machhar Singh has been arrested for causing death by rash and negligent driving and the vehicle has been impounded.


Moped Slides under cement truck

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Accident kills moped driver

crushed between two lorries on a moped

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Tourist dies a mile from help

By Helen Johnstone . The Times. UK. February 24 2000

A BRITISH tourist who went to Cuba to celebrate his engagement died in agony in an ill-equipped hospital unaware that facilities that could have saved him were minutes away, an inquest heard yesterday.

Philip Yeoman's fianc

Avoid MOPED accidents

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Re: New Jersey

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Wow-- that NJ site is amazing, I'm sure Simon prolly has it linked somewhere, but it is worth checking out.

4th of july, 2001 holiday death

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This one is current, and very sad. A budding Mo-Babe getting killed. My wife and I are planning our first child, and this is enough to give me nightmares.

Grandma killed on moped

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This one is also very sad. From earlier this year. I don't know if she was really a grandmother, but geez

Moped driver fatally injured near Ocean Shores Saturday

OCEAN SHORES - A 65 - year - old Federal Way woman was killed Saturday when the moped she was driving collided with a Chevrolet Blazer just north of the Ocean Shores city limits near North Beach High School, according to the State Patrol.

Mary Elizabeth Heine was southbound on Highway 115 around 2:10 p.m. when the 1984 Honda moped collided in the northbound lane with the 1986 Blazer, according to a State Patrol report. Heine, who had been wearing a helmet, was pronounced dead at Grays Harbor Community Hospital.

Bernadette S. Howtopat, 38, of Ocean Shores, the driver of the Blazer, was not injured. She was wearing a seat belt. Damage to her vehicle was estimated at $1,500.

The roadway was dry and the sky overcast at the time of the collision, troopers said.

Mopeds are a common sight at Ocean Shores, but fatal moped accidents are "very unusual," according to Sgt. David McManus of the Ocean Shores Police Department. "In my 15 years, I can only remember one other fatal moped accident," he said.

"Moped accidents are very common. Usually minor bumps and scrapes is all you see for injuries. You have to be very careful when you're riding one."

India moped deaths

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There are a lot of weird moped stories from India, understandably, it is a huge population and more have peds. This one, man-- A guy trying to do his job as a Moped-Milk vendor guy and a truck mows him down.

One killed: Surender Kumar (30), a milk vendor was killed when his moped was allegedly hit by a truck near Fazilka bypass here on Thursday. The police has registered a case against the truck driver, Arvind Kumar under Section 304-A and 427of the IPC. The driver who belonged to Fatehgarh Choorian village, however, managed to escape

Dead Moped Thief

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Arlington Police Investigate Fatal Moped Accident

Tuesday, June 26, 2001; 10:10 AM

Arlington County police are investigating a fatal accident this morning at George Mason Drive and Columbia Pike.

Police spokeswoman Kim Roberson said the driver of a moped was killed when he crashed about 5 a.m. while fleeing police. Officers saw the man driving a moped that matched the description of one stolen after midnight, she said.

Roberson said police followed the man in a

1980's Flashback

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Pop History Now! Facts for this week in history

This Week October 19, 1980

The government warns that more and more Americans will be killed in Moped accidents if the current boom is not balanced by stricter safety rules. Some states have no age or driver

Mopeder kills state cop!!

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This one is too weird!

Normally, a fellow on a moped isn't going to shoot a deputy or ... Year's

Eve 1997. Trooper Frankie Lingard was killed while making a traffic stop.

The man suspected of killing trooper Eric Nicholson is in stable condition at Anderson Medical Center, after being shot by Anderson county deputies, News 4 reports.

Wood is suspected of shooting Nicholson around noon Wednesday, after he was pulled over on a moped.

Authorities told News 4 that as Nicholson began to get out of his patrol car, he was shot.

"a security guard patrolling the parking lot came running in and he said 'someone call 911, a cop has just been shot outside', Vickey Chetterly told News 4


Frozen Dog Kills Mopeder

Wayne Broderick /,1995/07_1_m.html

Moped accident kills student

By Kimberly Miller

Arizona Daily Wildcat

A 26-year-old UA student died Jan. 4 from head injuries sustained from a moped accident on New Year's Day.

Joseph Michael Devan, a University of Arizona English junior, was on his way home from work when he swerved to miss a large dog in the road. The dog became frozen in the headlights of Devan's moped and he hit him.

The dog was found dead at the scene and Devan was taken to the hospital in a coma. The hospital was unable to identify him because he left his wallet at home, and originally listed him as John Doe.

His roommate of seven months, Joseph Ostoorga, who runs Caring Heart Ministries, said he became worried about Devan when his boss called the next day and said he never showed up for work. Ostoorga began calling hospitals to see if any had a John Doe listed. When Tucson Medical Center called back and described a man brought in from a motor accident Ostoorga said he knew it was Devan.

"I still go by his room and expect him to be there," Ostoorga said.

Devan stayed in a coma for four days. His family decided to take him off life support when doctors said he was brain-dead.

Re: Dead on the Moped

That taxi driver should get capital punishment! And the Judge that must have let him go should get a stiff sentence! Something is very wrong here.Possibly it was done on purpose.

Re: Dead on the Moped

They'll let a RAPIST off with 2 yrs. and parole,AND let him drive around to find MORE innocent victims,but this guy has PERMANENT punishment! I read this a few months ago,and it got my blood boiling then,too! Where's justice!

Re: 4th of july, 2001 holiday death

That's where you girls need to watch out! And boys,too! If the driver is a little wild or prone to take risks,or if you don't know him well,OR has been drinking or drugging,DON'T GO WITH HIM! You are at the driver's mercy once you mount that bike.Always wear a helmet and be STERN if they get stupid.Tell them to let you off right there! Know your driver and the best thing is don't ride with someone in the rain or city traffic.BEEN THERE;DONE THAT.But barely survived.

Re: Frozen Dog Kills Mopeder

If tis guy killed a LARGE dog with a moped,I'll bet he was flying! Masybe it was a high-powered moped or scooter?

what's your point.

gimmyjimmy /

yeah, accidents happen, why post all that crap?

cheer up dude.

Re: what's your point.

Jamie Leonard /

Well it is good to be reminded that despite mopeds being safer than your typical motorcycle (lighter and lower speed both help in that) they are vehicles you have to take seriously, and people do end up getting killed on them. Good to keep in mind you have to watch the road, other drivers, and your own attention span when riding... so you can avoid ending up as a statistic or a blurb on the news.

Here's the point.

Reeperette /

Lemme Sum it up.

A - Wear yer friggin protects the ole braincase.

B - Ensure your ped is mechanically sound.

C - Look out for the other guy.

Moped accidents usually come of five things.

Inattentive car drivers - #1 Cause.

WHY this is not rated as the #1 cause is the simple fact that dead men tell no tales, and the auto drivers "story" is usually something cooked up to keep them from getting faulted.

Nine times out of ten if you are killed or knocked unconscious on a moped without a lot of credible witnesses and photographic evidence - it will be "your fault" even if the auto hit you deliberately.

Mechanical Failure - #2 Cause.

Having something go drastically wrong while yer trying to cross over to the far lane to make a left, or while crossing a busy highway, is a recipe for total disaster...check, recheck and doublecheck, always.

Lack of rider experience - #3 Cause.

Sadly, a lot of folks without proper experience buy a moped and go gonzo on it, and usually without a helmet...I guess that makes a case for darwinism, but it's still not nice to even think about.

Know what yer doing, first.

Goofing off - #4 Cause.

This can indeed get you killed, I'd reccommend NOT trying to stunt-ride, and if the burning desire is too strong to abstain, find as safe a place as possible OFF the street for such foolishness.

(Yeah, yeah..I know, pot callin the kettle black, there...but don't take my bad example as model behavior..)

Chemicals - #5 Cause.

Don't get loaded and then get on the's suicide, it's hard enough to stay in one piece as it is, without chemical reality getting in the way.

Ride smart, Ride safe, and wear some armor, if you wanna.

Have fun.


Re: Avoid MOPED accidents

Well,Wayne,I for one appreciate the posts! Like Ree said:We've gotta watch out for ourselves and be wary of `THE OTHER GUY'. The thing I was gonna say about India is they have trouble with Tigers snatching people off bikes when they become Man-eaters.Now to me ALL tigers are assumed by me to be man eaters.Like Mark Twain said in the story of the Kidnapped elephant:`What does it eat?'The native replied :`He will eat a man;He will eat a Bible.He will eat anything between a man and a Bible'. I poured a big tennis court in 1986 for an Indian doctor,and he told me that tigers cross the road over there like deer do here,only not as often, thank God!NOW,all I have to worry about in Southern Ohio are mostly deer and dogs,so I'd rather ride over here,wouldn't you?

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