fancy brand new Chinese 50cc 3 speed 4 stroke

This has been talked about before.. but here are some pictures of one of those that "new" Chinese 'mopeds' for sale on ebay.

With a good description of the bike.

It is not really a moped.. it is actually a small motorcycle.. but it is licensable in some states as a moped (Michigan for one).

It is an approved (by Honda) version of the old Honda Z-50 engine.

Re: fancy brand new Chinese 50cc 3 speed 4 stroke

I saw the Jencheng Knight yesterday Fred.It is a good-looking bike,but like you said,in most states it's not a legal moped.It had 4 manually shifted gears and a 50cc 4-stroke engine.Cost was 2 grand.

Re: fancy brand new Chinese 50cc 3 speed 4 stroke

Hi folks,

I feel I need to tell you this, the Jincheng corporation makes imitations of Honda bikes.

The Knight is an imitation of the Honda CT50 and the Singa or Bigfoot is an imitation of the Honda Z50 and Jincheng also makes imitations of the Honda Astrea and Chaly ond other Honda's, but these imitations are of low quality, that's why they're cheaper than the originals.

The original Honda's are really good, if you treat those Honda's right they'll last for at least 25 years. I'm a big Honda fan, especially the oldtimers. I've got 4 fourstrokes at this time, the youngest of these is from 1972, the oldest from 1963, and they all still run great. The Jinchengs however will never last that long, their quality is simply inferior.

Re: fancy brand new Chinese 50cc 3 speed 4 stroke

I don't know about that Ivo.... I heard the 'imitations' are made under license from Honda by the Jincheng corporation.

And I know a longtime Honda dealer mechanic who says he sees no quality difference in the motors (from the Honda originals)

the frames and other stuff could well be a different story.

Re: fancy brand new Chinese 50cc 3 speed 4 stroke

Well, I've seen plenty Jinchengs around and there are PLENTY of points where these imitations are very poor. Yes, Jincheng has got a Honda lisence, but that doesn't mean Jincheng produces quality.

Jincheng valves tend to break, the carters tend to crack and a lot of parts just don't fit propperly.

Jincheng front forks are really worthless, you should replace them for original Honda forks immediately, also the rear shockbreakers aren't rigid enough.

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