PA50II question...

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is it possible to have a biturbo welded or otherwise attatched to my PA50II? i dont like the way it looks without a pipe... any tips?


the casey

Re: PA50II question...

yes it is... but I think it is a little bit tricky to connect a proper dia head pipe to the existing flange/collar.

A local welding shop should be able to do it for $30 or 40 maybe ??

Re: PA50II question...

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will it enhance performance at all?

Re: PA50II question...

yes... I made my own... and I prob gained 3 or 4 mph from it

(but that was on a PA50I)

Chris Robertson here had a PA50II that went 29 or 30 stock (I think) and he did the variator ramp mod and gained 4 or 5 mph (I believe)

Re: PA50II question...

Hey,Fred,speaking of Chris.Where'd he go? I haven't heard from him for a long time.Anybody know? Chris?You listening?

Re: PA50II question...

the casey /

what is the "variator ramp mod"?


so having a biturbo welded on should increase performance?

Re: PA50II question...

Yes... I would think the Biturbo would gain you maybe 3mph or so.

And the 'variator ramp mod' is enlarging (with a file) the 3 grooves the outer clutch plate has in them to allow more movement of the outer clutch sheave face (it squeezes the belt tighter...raising the gear ratio.. and top speed).

Do a search for that word... CR had posted a 'pdf zip file' with 4 or 5 photo's of the mod.

Since I don't know that much about pyooters... I didn't/couldn't open it and look.

But you might know how to.

Re: PA50II question...

yeah dude wanna fuck, finally i got my ouch runnin can i borrow $235+tax


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