Mopeds,the vehicle of choice of the....

Retarded, Drunks, and Socially Challenged! A new research study was conducted by the University of Florida surveying the owners and operators of mopeds. If you own or operate a ped, you are about 98.7% chance to fall under one of the above categories.

go away wimpy Ninja 250 boy

..................... Wassamatta?......................

... did you come here to kick us to make yourself feel better because some 25 year old junky RD350 whipped ya today?

I couldn't agree more!

I am so damned proud to be a socially challenged, retarded, drunk in the great, f**king nation if the United States of America! And, hey, I can't technically be socially challenged if I am part of a group that supports one another with a love that only true friends have. Come on, all ya'll fella pedders, let's alla get drunk!

Re: Mopeds,the vehicle of choice of the....

This from the state that couldn't even count the votes in the last election.The odds are they're probably about 98.7% wrong.I wonder if they counted all the pregnant chads? Where's the whiskey when you need it?

Re: Mopeds,the vehicle of choice of the....

Jamie Leonard /

Ever notice the moped bashers can't seem to come up with anything particularly clever? I mean the average insult involves us being "retards" or "gay" or such. Personally I've heard better from your average preschooler. :)

Reminds me... I read an interesting article the other day - apparently you are many many more times likely to die in an accident if you are a new rider riding a higher CC sportsbike than if you are a new rider sticking to something in the 50cc range (which is partly why england went for graduated motorcycle licensing restricting certain CC ranges to experienced riders.. good idea if you ask me)

If you take this to the logical extension, we don't have to worry much about the moped bashers... they're going to remove themselves from the gene eventually out of sheer darwinism in action. Hard to pass on your DNA when you wrap yourself around a light pole at a hundred plus miles per hour :)


Re: Mopeds,the vehicle of choice of the....

Ron Brown /

Personally, I would be proud to finally be recognized and counted by one of our premier institutions of higher learning.

Unfortunately, judging by the results, it sounds like they only surveyed thier own students and faculty.


Re: Mopeds,the vehicle of choice of the....

Yeah,Ron,Jamie,the institutions aren't overly endowed with geniuses or gifted students these days! That's the trouble with statistics.Prejudiced people are so dishonest with no scruples and will bend a survey to fit their expectations.Don't they know that most drunks and dopers couldn't keep a `ped upright,let alone keep it running.BHP must be short for Block Headed Person,if he believes that trash.Where's the whiskey!

Re: Mopeds,the vehicle of choice of the....

Well im from jerz(new jersey!)... and im not either 1 im just a little boy lookin for a ride around town... and a thrill of goin faster than a aa study on new jersey...nah do urself a favor and dont come here... u might get shot (pow pow!) ur dead!

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