Clynder Re-coating

I have a spare clynder that I would like to have the inside re-coated with metel. Is this possible? It has some scraps on it that I want to get smoothed out, but I do not want to bore the clynder to get rid of them. Has anyone ever done this? How can it be done? Where could it be do and how much would it cost?



Re: Clynder Re-coating

Hi,Dan! I've had things spray welded before,but I don't know about a cylinder.It would have to be cast-iron and steel all the way.Why don't you bore it or get another jug,man?That's what I'd do.BYE!

Re: Clynder Re-coating

Doug Davidson /

Hi there, ck out, they do it according to there advertisment under SERVICES. Doug D.

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