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Hey all. I'm back from moving and now I'm in upstate New York. I've been busy getting my General in tip top shape. Its runnin' like a champ and its time to register it. Does anyone have any tips for registering a moped in New York? I heard that they are really strict when it comes to mopeds, so I want to be careful. Thanks.


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Where abouts in upstate are you?. Reg is easy. Proof of ownership and ins. and off to the DMV. www.moped2.org has a link to state moped laws if you have any other questions.

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When you go to register the ped they will ask you how fast it goes, be careful! Tell them it goes less than 30 mph or you may be classed as a type A moped, which is treated just like a motorcycle in NY, license, inspection and all. My Autopower is called a class A because it goes faster than 30. I tried to convince them it only went 29 but they knew better. Ken, in Wolcott, NY.

Re: NY Moped Laws

gimmyjimmy /


The Generals came out with three different engines,

47.6 cc - 20 mph Minarelli V1

49.4 cc - 30+ mph Minarelli V1 and Sachs

tell em you have the 47.6 cc engine, that should keep you out of the class A registration.

btw, what year 5 Star ya got?

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