Honda Hobbit - 1978

The one I'm looking at is in fair condition and has around 2k miles on it. What's a reasonable price? Are they easy to maintain (ie get parts, do the work) compared to other peds? Are they any good?


Re: Honda Hobbit - 1978

I have a 79 Honda Hobbit PA50I... and I would call them ...'wimpy'... stock they only do 21 mph... and they don't exactly hurry getting there.

Also... the carburetor is about as hard to get to as any ped there is (you have to separate the frame from the engine).

I would not pay more than about $300 for a decent running ped.

(but that is me... your area of the country may be higher)

Tsk, tsk, Fred.

Sure the carb is hard to get out but my brother's friend was able to replace it with a snow blower carb. So, you lose out on convenience what you gain with versatility. Now, don't we feel bad for bashing the poor old PA50-II? :)

Re: Tsk, tsk, Fred.

Reeperette /

No...I don't much like em neither.

$225.00 is a fair offer.


So how much snow can it throw now ? nm


Re: So how much snow can it throw now ? nm

Check the gas tank for rust when you look at any ped, its a pain in the ass to clean it and half the time it just gets rusty in another day anyways

Re: Honda Hobbit - 1978

I got a REALLY good deal off of a guy with one of these. The only problem is a leaky carb. Was wondering if you could tell me the easiest way to get at this carb. Any help would be appreciated

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