chain tightening-

Rob Gibbons /

in the motobecane manual(which i am lucky to have) it says that you can tighten your chain by doing all the normal stuff- loosen up a couple bolts & screws, move the wheel, etc. But if you tighten your chain too much , can that stop your moped from running? Isnt the back wheel supposed 2 b able 2 move freely?

Re: chain tightening-

Absolutely,Rob,the back wheel should move freely with no feeling of a tight spot,then a loose spot when turning it.A too tight chain will kill your power,and it's best to be a LITTLE loose than too tight.You have to check the tension of the chain while you've got it weighed down with the normal load oof the stand `cause they usually tighten up when you get on them.Also watch that you don't misalign the rear wheel as you adjust it.BYE!

Re: chain tightening-

you should have about a half an inch of slack depending on the thickness of the chain

Re: chain tightening-

Ron Brown /


Everyone here is right. If you have rear suspension, have someone sit on your ped and load and unload the rear suspension until you figure out where the chain is tightest, usually when the drive sprocket, swing arm spindle and rear axle line up. You can also load the suspension with a tie down strap from the swing arm to the frame or seat.

After adjusting the cahin, rotate the rear wheel and check for the least amount of chain slack. If it varies a lot, you most likely need a new chain and/or sprockets. Then, with the chain in the tightest position, load the suspension again and make sure you have a little play left.

Too tight a chain will tear up the chain, sprockets and bearings at both ends before you even notice a loss of power.


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