oh no my ped broke again

dave "whoooo mopeds" dellat /

<HTML>hey chieves. my ped kinda stopped working a few weeks ago. i was riding it when all of a sudden i heard a thud noise and then it stopped working. when ya try and start it with the engine engaged it gets that "tough to pedal" deal that is associated with a normal start but the engine never kicks in or turns over at all. ya it's a 1989 derbi variant sport moped by the way. we need help me and my ped. any and all info would be greatly appreciated for assistance. be my moped buddy(ies)


In need of info.

kevin Peterson /

<HTML>I would like to get a moped, but I need info first.

1. Are they easy to ride?

2. Are they easy to maintain?

3. How fast are they design to go?

4. What are the good brands?

Thanks in advance.</HTML>

RE: In need of info.

matthew burke /


Ansers :

1 Yes very

2 all depends on if you have any knlolege

3 they all go differnt speeds my honda 1983 C-50 goes 35mph but my 1979 fs1e goes 60mph (tuned to hell)

4 there are many good brands eg yamaha,honda,aprilla, and many many more

Bye 4 now


RE: oh no my ped broke again

<HTML>Moped parts - service manuals - service tips available from http://sportsbay.com.Puch-Motobecane-Sachs-Garelli-Honda and more</HTML>

RE: oh no my ped broke again

Bob Smiley /

<HTML>Did you throw your chain? If you did (by letting get stretched and too old) you may have sheared off the gears inside your tranny. As you know, the Variants are no longer with us.</HTML>

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