www.moped2.org crap

Rob Gibbons /

has anyone eva heard of www.moped2.org?

well like just now i overheard sum1 talkin shit bout the moped army- and they have a club against us! I told them 2 go shove it...

Duz NE1 have any thoughts?

Re: www.moped2.org crap

Reeperette /

Umm, an investment in "Hooked on Phonics" ?

<snort>- as if I cared what anyone thought anyhow.

I ride cause I wanna, not to please society.


Re: www.moped2.org crap

XBrandon EdgeX /

I was looking around moped2.org and couldn't find what you guys are talking about. Where is it at?

Re: www.moped2.org crap

Wayne broderick /

Give a link to the info you're mentioning. I doubt they are anti-army thogh.

Re: www.moped2.org crap

Hi,Rob! I've never heard the Moped2.org people slam anybody on this site! to the contrary,they refer to it a lot.BYE!

Re: www.moped2.org crap

Rob Gibbons /

as i was browsing their site, i went into the "add a club" column, and was going 2 add a club of my own , u know, with my friends and all, then as i was going 2 enter, i saw a little club description of sum1 elses, saying something to the affect of, "Wats all this Moped army shit about? That sounds like a bunch of crap."

Frum Rob-

Sorry if i offended anyone, but i know wat i saw.

Re: www.moped2.org crap

Oh well! Yeah,I saw that post Rob.But you can't let one Sour-Puss bother you.I was on that forum trying to be helped and help and some idiot calling himself `n/a' darn near ruined it for everyone.Don't pay any attention to JARHEADS and little PUNKS.It's best if nobody answers them unless they can find a way to report them.ALL these moped forums are good! You just have to ignore some people if they've had a bad day.BYE!

Re: www.moped2.org crap

Damn straight you tell him don. I like there forum a little bit better just because we keep stuff going. I had a post from over a week ago and we are still posting on it left and right like as much as 4 times a day just keeps on going. Here with in less than a week your post will be off the screen. You should look at the newer stuff and give it another chance.

Re: www.moped2.org crap

I'd like to point out that you said it yourself Rob, it wasn't MOPED2.ORG saying that, it was SOMEONE else who POSTED to their site.


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