Honda PA-50 -so slow!! please help

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<HTML>Hi. I have a 1979 Honda PA-50. It only goes 15 mph top!! i have heard alittle bit about a big bore kit. where can i get one? also, are there any modifications i can make to my moped to give it sum more speed? thanks</HTML>

RE: Honda PA-50 -so slow!! please help

<HTML>Tim, you need to fit a better pipe and modify your variable transmission. Check out my page at you can e-mail me if you have any questions. I also have a few links for some 70cc kits and stuff, but that's a lot of money. Try the other mods first.</HTML>

RE: Honda PA-50 -so slow!! please help

<HTML>for more top speed youmust buy a another chain link and get a bigger front sprocket on the side the engine turns the sprocket. The more power or torque for going up hills you want a smaller front sprocket and to revove a link if necessary. I fyou want a little more power take a drill and drill out the rivet for the exhaust bafflen the will make it a little bit lowder and it will. TO FIND THIS YOU MUST TAKE OFF YOUR FRONT COVER AND FIND IT LOOK OF THE BACK OR THE SIDE OF THE SPEED OMITER AND THERE IS A CABLE THIS CABLE USUALLY LEADS TO A WHEEL AND IF YOU UNSCREW THE CABLE FROM THE MOUNTING THERE IS A SMALL WIRE INSIDE TAKE THIS OUT AND THE TACHOMETER(MILEAGE) WONT WORK. tHERE IS A DOWN SIDE AGAIN THE SPEED OMITER DOESN`T WORK. YOU CAN EASILY INSTALL IT BACK IN WHEN TRYING TO SELL IT. HERE IS A VERY SPECIAL THING i DID WITH MY MOPED i CAN TURN MY FRONT WHEEL BACKWARDS AND THE MILEAGE WITH TURN BACK TO ZERO SLOWLY. THE ONLY DOWNSIDE IS THAT YOU MUST GO THAT MANY MILES THAT ARE ON BACKWARDS. I TOOK my fan apart and put a small tire on it rubbed it against it for a while I put a sand bag to hold it there. It might not be the front wheel but mine was. I have a 1998 kasea 50b moped. It is the fastest in our town and alot of people have mopeds. I jacked the rear shock up with a shackle kit and put a bigger rear tire on the rear rim this has given my moped more ground clearance and it has let the moped stay in first gear longer. you can not do this to yours but you can get a little bigger tire or pump the tire up a bit and then the tire has to make less revolutions. there are many engine things that can be done but if your not mechanically inclined these will help the most. hope this helped.


a friend who wants to help </HTML>

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