Any suggestions on High-Performancing?

I recently bought a 96' kenetic moped and I am on a desperate quest for speed. It was in pretty bad condition after being left out in the weather for 4 years, but my dad (a highly experienced construction machinery mechanic among other things) was able to bring it back to life. I top out at about 30 mph (which is pretty good for a 50cc engine pulling a 200+ pound teenager) BUT I NEED TO BE FASTER!!! I took my exaust pipe off and reved the engine with the tire off the ground and it sounded ten times louder than a chainsaw, IT WAS SO NICE! But my dad immedeately told me to stop, because he could "smell" that it was running at impropper compression. I was alarmed to find that, in fact, there was a strange new smell coming from my Moped. Apparently these things need backpressure, but how much? I have the materials to make a straight pipe with no "honeycomb" like my stock muffler, but is that bad for my engine? Would it be better to just go and buy a high-performance exaust? Whats the easiest way to get better performance from your Moped (within reasonable cost) ? Thanks for any & all help.


Re: Any suggestions on High-Performancing?

Reeperette /

There's a custom exhaust made for Vespa's that might fit it...and probably would if you are willing to put some work into making it.

I'd have to get a better close-up look at the moped before offering any more advice - is that a "Ciao" style engine, by any chance ?


Re: Any suggestions on High-Performancing?

Rob Gibbons /

you can either...

1- buy a high performance exhaust pipe-

2- buy a better air filter-

or 3- hehehe... bore out the head and get a cylinder kid (not really recommended)

Re: Any suggestions on High-Performancing?

I've searched the entire moped for an engine type, but have found none. I'd say its 50cc's if that helps any. Do you know of any sites that sell H.P. Moped parts?

Re: Any suggestions on High-Performancing?

I am not sure about the U.S., but when I was a teenager living in Italy, there were all kinds of parts you could get to hot rod a 'ped. I remember exactly how it felt to be a speed-addicted teenager!

The number 1 most noticeable improvement was to buy a larger carbeurator. Your bike probably comes with a dinky little 12mm. You need at least a 14, preferably a 16. (we used to put carbs as large as 19mm on ours!)

Number 2- and post preferably in conjunction with the carb, would be a high performance exhaust pipe.

These 2 modifications alone would make a huge difference!

Also, we used to buy reed-valve kits for the intake systems, and if you had a lot of money to spend, a big-bore kit.

Re: Any suggestions on High-Performancing?

lose some wieght you fat bastard you will gain about 2 hp.No im just kidding bigger sprocket on back wheel.

Re: fat guy on a moped

lose about 35-45 lb and gain about 10 more horse power

Re: Any suggestions on High-Performancing?

Matt Lorence /

higher speed at a loss of acceleration. What fun is going fast if it takes you all day to do it.

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