multi-purpose 2-cycle oil with cady ?

i have problem with my motobecane cady 1975. the moped start and then shutdown, i cannot go far...

i think it's my new oil that a put in it :

esso - multipurpose 2-cycle engine oil.

premium quality synthetic blend.

the oil is bleue.

yes i'm a newbie, can you tell me what to do from now...


its not the oil

clean the carb

and the petcock

and then clean and set the points

and install an inline fuel filter

How to do all that?

Look above

see the word "resources"?

click on that

then click on "articles'

then read "How To Fix Your Moped"

for the answers on how to do all that stuff

Re: its not the oil

Doug Davidson /

Its not the oil, it meets all service requirments.

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