can anyone tell me how to get my 79 puch magnum mkII to get better acceleration? i had a air filer piece off before i got my bi turbo, and that helped acceleration alot. but now that i have the bi turbo i had to put the pieace back in because it was gettin to much air and bogging. now i have good speed with the turbo but slow acceleration with the air pieace back in. can anyone give me some ideas on how to improve my acceleration with out spending money? thanks


Re: acceleration

Install a larger rear sprocket.

Re: acceleration

take the air box piece off again and then get a bigger jet for it, i would recommend going about 6 sizes up. you might have to try a few different ones before you get it right but when you do you will have the accel you wanted and still the top speed.

Re: Just an idea

Try getting a split fire sparkplug because it doesnt take as long to conbust

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