Suzuki FA50 Manual

Keith Ubben /

<HTML>I need a 1986 Suzuki FA50 Manual really bad and the cheapest I could find it was 70 dollars and I am not paying that much since it's so small. If someone has one and can scan me or e-mail me just 1 part of it I would love that. My E-mail is Thanks!</HTML>

Re: Suzuki FA50 Manual

I have the orginal manual for my 86, have you heard of a way to bypass the governor? I still have not fount that answer

Re: Suzuki FA50 Manual

anthony cordeiro /

hi i really need a moped manual for my moped because it is a fa 50 suzuki and my auntie gave it to me and i took it a part with my uncle and he said when i get the manual he will help me put it back to gether and were are you located.

Re: Suzuki FA50 Manual

bill deery /

ineed a manual for a F50 badly---PLEASE CONTACT ME

Re: Suzuki FA50 Manual

i need to find out where the governer is for a 1983 fa50 if anyone can help e-mail me PLEASE at

Re: Suzuki FA50 Manual

Hi Dwight,

I could sure use a wiring diagram for a FA50.

Could you scan and email it to me?

Do you have the owner's manual or the workshop manual?



gas tank

i seem to have lost a plug or am missing a tube could someone send me a wiring diagram or something like that?

Re: gas tank

Holy smoke, everyone went FA50 crazy on this thread.

Calm down.

I have some pages scaned and up loaded here.

I will have access tomorow to a scanner and will grind out the whole book and post it.

The actual book is going to the woman in San Diego who bought my FA50.


Re: gas tank

relax rusty, this post was started when clinton was the prez.

ol' post

Re: gas tank

Hah, that post looks familar. It must be that ol' post again.

Re: gas tank

the manual would still be nice rusty


Re: Suzuki FA50 Manual

hi Dwight

Hi can you scan and send me the copy of your manule please i would apreciateit.

thank you


Re: Suzuki FA50 Manual

Uh, Dwight's post was in 2001. He is no longer active here.

Re: Suzuki FA50 Manual

Re: gas tank

wait they have a governor ? how do i get it off

Re: Suzuki FA50 Manual

Don Pflueger /

Re: Suzuki FA50 Manual

I just got an 83 fa50. It's running, but it could run better. It's nice to find this information on line.

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