moped laws in Massachusettes

Rob Gibbons /

wat r the moped laws of mass? like helmet, blinkers, etc.

Re: moped laws in Massachusettes

Reeperette /

Need a valid driver's license or learner's permit to operate a moped. Some limitations:

must be at least 16 and hold a valid driver's license or learner's permit

may NOT drive at speeds greater than 25mph

may Not ride on state highways or limited access roads with signs prohibiting bicycles

must use proper hand signals before stopping/turning

you may use bicycle lanes along roadways, but NOT off-street recreational paths

You and any passenger must wear DOT standard helmets; the fine for not wearing a helmet is $35

you may not carry a passenger if you are operating on a permit

registering your moped at the DMV does not alter your insurance in any way (as long as it travels <30mph)

the cost to register is $20 (for 2 years); the fine for riding an unregistered moped is $100

other stuff: bike considered a moped when:

cyclinder capacity is no more than 50cc

has automatic transmission

max speed of 30mph, and operated at no more than 25mph

complies with all applicable federal motor vehicle safety standards

Re: moped laws in Massachusettes

ALSO! the cops may try pulling you over for riding after dark. but, they can't. i mean, they can, but they can't do anything. there are no laws saying that mopeds can't be operated after dark. tell them to check the mass general laws, chapter 90, section 1-A if they don't believe you. i found that out after a recent experience... lol.


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