1979 magnum XK performance

would the 17mm carb and intake mani, do any thing for me?

what about the 70cc over bore kit, just wondering:)


Re: 1979 magnum XK performance

Sure it would, but legally it wouldn't be a moped anymore. I'll keep my mouth shut.

Re: 1979 magnum XK performance

Reeperette /

Dude, I would hang back on that till you have it running in top shape and have a bit more experience wrenching on it and figuring out how it works.

Those kits can be a pain in the ass even when they do work.

If you wanna quick upgrade that takes little mechanical skill and is highly reliable, just slap a Bi-Turbo performance exhaust on there, but till you get some more experience and mileage under you, hold off on going all-out.


Re: 1979 magnum XK performance

:) i know i know, i was just wondering, trying to see if say i need a carb or summin or a rebuild , if i should go for the performance vs stock

ya know:)

Re: 1979 magnum XK performance

I agree, it should be running good prior to installing any hop-up kit or your just wasting money.

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