Garelli Super Sport

hey, i was wondering how many miles i might be able to get out of this has 7,500 on it now...will it last much longer????? And also, my exaust is all gunked up and i cant even see through can i clean it ?? I have been riding it without a muffler on it but it still has a pipe on...just not the muffler piece. i also have a leak on my leaks gas and i dont know how to fix it, the first time i tried i broke the screw from over tightening just keeps leaking though...Is blueish smoke very bad if it comes from a moped?

PS...i know my carb needs cleaning, i just dont know how to do it..its too complicating, i'll just pay some guy $40 to clean that a good deal???

Thanks Alot.

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the miles really won't matter Garelli super sport XL has that much or more and runs good. mine also has a leak in it too. i just turn the gas off when it sits. you probly need a rebulid kit or clean the carb up well to stop the leaking. all mopeds smoke. you might needs a muffler. i'm not real sure, but i think the mopeds do need some back pressure to run well. it will run with out a muffler but i think it would be better to have a muffler. the $40 daller deal is up to you. i payed some guy to fix my carb and some other stuff. he didn't do such a hot job on it, but it runs thats what matters to me right now. hope i helped you out in some way.

Good luck

Scott H

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Hey Scott! Are you ? If so,why don't you tell these guys and gals about the awesome amount of stuff you've got if you want to sell it?BYE!

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Thanks Alot Scott, that really helps!

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Reeperette /

>>hey, i was wondering how many miles i might be able to get out of this has 7,500 on it now...will it last much longer?????<<

You take care it it...yes it will.

Mine is sitting WAY over the 20,000 Mile mark, and other than a minor-but-annoying electrical glitch, runs just fine.


Re: Garelli Super Sport

Sorry im not the person you are thinking of.

i'll change my name to just scott to have less confusion.



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Oh,okay Scott! I just bought a bunch of parts and 2 parts bikes off Scott H. up in Mansfield,Oh and I thought you were he.He's got a lot of mopeds and parts.BYE!

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