Exaust Pipe...Grrrrrrrrrr

I have a 1976 Batavus...I didn't relieze they were so low to the ground...I ran off a sidewalk curb..(going really slow) and my @#$@# exhaust pipe hit the $@#$2 curb. Its scratched and is not slighted dented in (Its right by the engine)...but now my moped sounds different and stalls when idling......I can't believe this grrrrrrrrrrr...as soon as i get my moped to run good this happens...any body have any suggestions...or am i doomed to by a new exaust pipe...and would it be hard to get since its from a 1976 batavus and is there any to fix it. I can not believe this happened...also is there any danger or any effect of it being slighty dented...I think its causing to my moped to stall...grrrr..well...any help is apprecaited.

Thanks Nick

Re: Exaust Pipe...Grrrrrrrrrr

Don't know anything about a Batavus, but look for a crack(s) in the exhaust system all the way from the engine back. That could account for the noise and the stalling.

Re: Exaust Pipe...Grrrrrrrrrr

Nevermind...It must of moved of place when It hit the curb...but I just took it off and put it back on..and now its fine.


Re: Exaust Pipe...Grrrrrrrrrr

Just a note Nick.I think Handy Bikes can get quite a few parts for the Batavus,`cause B.J. showed me a rack of Batavus parts on a walk-thru,I think.BYE! Their # is 614-299-0550

Re: Exaust Pipe...Grrrrrrrrrr

ok, thanks don

Re: Exaust Pipe...Grrrrrrrrrr


I had the exact same thing happen with my 1975 HS-50. The exhaust bolts don't seen to hold too well. I have to use red loctite and retorque them each weekend to keep them in place.


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