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Saw your note on the Targa biturbo enhanced performance. Can I expect the same for the Puch Maxi?

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Reeperette /

Just about, although for whatever reason the Bi-Turbo seems to add more "punch" to the two speed Puch than the single speed.

I put a Polini on my Austro instead....I think it's much to do with the power curve between single and two-speed, where the Bi-Turbo gives more, and the Polini seems to do better for single speeds.

I hadda do some hacksaw engineering to get the Polini jobbie on there, also.

I've seen one Puch mod where the guy switched the stock Puch 17" wheels for Tomos 16" wheels and did a sprocket upgrade, that worked well and looked pretty nice.

If you are maxing out at 25mph now, I would suggest re-jetting, cleaning the lower cylinder where the exhaust attaches, and checking to make sure you do not have the "25mph version" intake/carb setup on there, cause as far as I know the default for Puch Maxi is 30mph version.

Lemme know how alla that goes.


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