I'm baaaaack...

Reeperette /

Back from Eau Claire, St Paul, Baltimore and points in between.

Ya miss me ?

Posted to some of the older posts, so you might wanna check back on em.

So, us old geezers (Me, Fred, Ron) we're gonna do somethin ?

Having recently seen the movie "Space Cowboys"...I was pointedly reminded of our place in the moped world...heheheh.

Next road trip...I might just ride my damn Targa (see Post: Where's Ree.)


Re: I'm baaaaack...

Ron Brown /


A good geeze sounds good, let's see what Fred has to say.


Re: I'm baaaaack...

hi i didn't see or hear ya. on your way to Balt. York,Pa

Re: I'm baaaaack...

Doug Davidson /

Hey Dude, yea they missed you! Well, I went and bought another bike, 91 Tomos TT,A-5, needs a piston, The bike has CDI IGN, new tires, kick start, gonna fix and sell I guess, the garage is overflowing! Later....Doug in VA.

What ??

Yeah.. I'm up for it... What were gonna do??... Turbocharge it or something?

I am free most of this weekend.......... Or ??

Re: What ??

Reeperette /

Lookin at Aug 4-5 right now...still sorting out the mess from said unexpected east coast side trip....and makin up some time if I can get the damn thing to start again.

I really missed my Targa out there in WI, it was supreme weather for it, too.

Y'all have my email, we'll figure it out.


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