Stolen Moped - Arlington, VA

Simon King /



I have reported it to the police.

If found, please contact:

Elizabeth Scarbrough or Eric Crouthamel

703-248-9160 or and

What: Tomos Sprint 1998 Moped, A3 with a kick-start

When: Between 1:30am and 8am 25th of July

Where: Right outside 1410 North Rhodes Street, Arlington, VA attached to

a road sign (which is now demolished) that said "Zone 5 Parking


ALSO: Pawn shops, Moped Shops and other shops have a description of the

bike and will call the police if someone attempts to sell the bike to

them. There are posters up all over with a description of the bike as


Description of the Bike:

-Silver Bike,

-New Bi-Turbo Shinny Muffler -the muffler was fashioned on with a

special made metal bracket I bent in a vice myself

-Missing front break - the break cable isn't there as well as the lever

on the wheel

-Back taillights is slight drooping,

-High beams don't work (but regular headlight does),

-No turn signals,

-Gas cap looks a little crushed (sticker that said 50:1 is slighting

scratched and torn),

-On front head piece is a sticker that says, "Ralph Nader has a Posse"

with a black and white cartoon drawing of Ralph Nader, next to Nader is

a sign that says "6 foot 3 inches 140 pounds"

-Sticker on the side of the kick-start is a Batz Maru sticker with a

little penguin on a motorcycle

-Sticker on the opposite side of the kick start says, "HER Scooter" HER

is capitalized and Scooter is in cursive

-Under seat is a storage compartment. Inside this storage compartment

there is: a little Badtz-Maru clear zipper wallet with metro cards in

it, 1 foot of gas line tube, some wire, a few plastic bags

-Hanging off the seat is a flashing red bike light that just hooks onto

the seat.

Re: Stolen Moped - Arlington, VA

sorry to hear about it simon, I really want to help, but im from NJ. I really hope it turns up and you catch the people who stole it, it seems as if they used a powertool to cut down the street-sign: so much trouble, for so little bike.

For the record, what is the reward you are planning to give?


Re: Stolen Moped - Arlington, VA


Re: Stolen Moped - Arlington, VA

That's funny and I'm not kiddin'! I just had a SAWSALL stolen! But that guy's in prison now.Tried armed robbery to support a heroin habit! He was too spaced out to pull it off.

Re: Stolen Moped - Arlington, VA

Ron Brown /


Who did he try to hold up with the sawsall, Ree?


Re: Stolen Moped - Arlington, VA

No,Ron.I don't think Anyone could get THAT spaced out.He'd rather go with the cops ,I'm sure.

Re: Stolen Moped - Arlington, VA

Richard King /

Sorry to hear re this thieft. Let's hope that this dude that got your's ends up like the one in early June in Arlington County which I posted. He recieved a Darwin Award in the Moped Div. - - while participating in a "low speed chase" with the Police.

I live in Northern VA and will keep an eye out for this ped while commuting home thru Arl.Co and during my lunch hour in Crystal City.

Rich King

Re: Stolen Moped - Arlington, VA

Richard King /

Elizabeth & Eric:

Please keep me informed re your stolen ped. Hopefully Arlington's Finest will come thru for you. I haven't seen a ped matching the description of yours. Do you post a picture or the reward at MPG Mopeds in Merrifield, George and Carol my be able to help you out.

Still lookin...... Rich

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