Moped laws in Tennasee

DOn Baker /


I am going camoing in TN and was wondering what the moped laws were down there. I will also be bringing my street legal Honda 50 ( I have a motorcycle learners permit for it) and was wonder it there were any applicable laws for it too.



Re: Moped laws in Tennasee

Hi Don,

Normally a learner's permit is only valid in the state in which it was issued. I live in Florida, so I'm not familiar with Tennessee moped laws. I would prolly take the risk and use the Honda anyway. Just remember that you're gonna be running with out-of-state plates, and that will make you a likely target for overzealous local cops. Your machine will likely raise an eyebrow or two depending on where yur canoe trip takes you. So be extra careful on the road and for god's sake don't hit anything. Also remember that black bears are attracted to the sound of 50cc engines and govern yourself accordingly.

Have fun in Tennessee.

Re: Moped laws in Tennasee

Hi,Don! On your camping trip just stow a 357 Magnum pistol in your tool bag and Black Bears won't be attracted to your 50cc for very long.Or a Ruger Redhawk 44 Magnum does even better.This idea is endorsed by P.E.T.A..(People Eating Tasty Animals)and is most effective when used before `tooth to leg' contact.Have a safe camping trip and protect your body from animal rights activists,who say;`DON'T SHOOT THAT BEAR ! Lie down and play dead,and he'll get tired of gnawin' on you after a while'.

Re: Moped laws in Tennasee

Ron Brown /


be sure to take a copy of don-ohio's post in case you get busted for that side arm and feel free to call him for bail money if the man is not too simpathetic. : )


Re: Moped laws in Tennasee

Thanks,Ron! With friends like you who needs enemas! Remember,Don,if you shoot that bear,shoot him in the head.A gut-shot ruins the meat! That's another fine thought from P.E.T.A.!!!

Re: Moped laws in Tennasee

In WV we dont have a true moped law or a moped dealer so when i go to ohio to get work done i have my Avanti supersport tagged for WV and when and if the cops pull me over i will technicaly have a moped licence for WV. Even though WV doesnt have such thing. The way this should work is that a WV drivers license is valid in ohio so a WV moped license should be also.

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