Hey i am serious when i say this but i wanna start a biking group called the Autobots because i really enjoy biking but also facinated with MOPEDS but still can't give up biking. Tell me if it would be a rip off

Re: Autobots

"AUTOBOTS"??? How about the "ALLPEDS" or the "NOMOS" or the "PEDONLYS"

Re: Autobots

I was thinking of using "CYCLEBOTS," if I ever got enough people to start a Moped Army branch.

I live in the Kansas City, Missouri Area if anyone is interested in starting a branch around here.

Re: Autobots

A ripoff? Well nobody here can really call anything a ripoff, after all, we didn't just suddenly invent the words we use as names. "Decepticons" "Thundercats" etc. Maybe you should consider something a lil more cycle related though, autobots implies Auto, maybe Constructicons - implying you need to construct an engine. LOL


Re: Autobots

Wayne Broderick /

The Maine chapter will be called "Micronaughts" (as per the 80's comic book/action figures)

Re: Autobots

I think it will be good....

I think it is clever.... i mean think about it.... auto doesn't always mean "vehicle"

i could do Manubots but i like Autobots.... well Rock on and peace to all of you....

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