Moped Getting no spark

i recently got a new engine for my moped well its used with only 300 miles on it or so the man said well i got everything hooked up and im not getting any spark what can i do to fix it ?

Re: Moped Getting no spark

Jace Avery /

try a new plug and make sure your ignition points are in order.

Re: Moped Getting no spark

Doug Davidson /

Hey, double ck the rear light wiring and bulb, sounds crazy?, but some bikes loose fire if the tailight blows (80 Garelli does!) Doug D.

Re: Moped Getting no spark

Ron Brown /


How about make and model, this will help you get answers.


Re: Moped Getting no spark

See Fred's post in the main forum, it'll cover everything except putting air in your tires and your ass on the seat.

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