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I'll post good news as soon as I hear it. Tonight I am going to meet the guy and check out the ped, and don't worry, I did not tell him about going to a different buyer from another state:) Besides, I think Wisconsin and Iowa require titles for mopeds and I figure that not too many buyers are going to come from three states over for a couple of hundred dollar bike. Either way, I'm still going to keep my ear to the ground for other Honda mopeds or scooters in the northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin area. Also, you said that you went to the DMV 5 times to register? I was thankful that my mother took the time to go there twice, on top of the calls to the police and the barsteds that sold me my previous moped. All we wanted from them was a full refund if they couldn't cough up a title but they were actually going to fight us over $150 because they felt that they would have lost a sale if we returned the bike. But they couldn't have sold without a title in the first place! It is sad to see that so many people are blunt, ignorant, and self determined that they are ALWAYS right. Thankfully, I can always turn to isolation to help "get away from it all".

This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.
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