Lost title in Illinois...

Currently I am talking to a guy who has a Honda Express to sell. So far it sounds to be a hell of a deal since he just had the thing entirely checked over and fixed by a Honda repair shop, but there is one small problem: there's no title. Now, I don't know about other states out there but in Illinois I cannot apply for a liscense, which I need to be able to legally ride this bike, nor can the seller legally sell me the bike without a title. I informed him of this problem and he said that he's ridden it a little without the title but he had recently aquired this from a woman who has just moved away, and we are both assuming that she had the title last. Thus far he has not been able to contact her but he has said that he will hold on to the Express until he can get the title. So, it leaves me to ask anyone who knows, what can I do? I am going to go to the DMV once I have a VIN number and ask them, but last time a problem like this came up the DMV told me that the moped I had was unregistered and that it would take a long time to be able to search for the previous owner. And after they locate the owner I was to get in touch with them and ask them to put in for a lost title, which would take about a month to go through. I don't know, this may be the process that I HAVE to go through, but I still have a feeling that there is an easier way. Does anyone know about the specifics regarding Illinois' laws and rules about titles and mopeds? I know that I need a title but I don't know if there might be a way I can just simply apply for a new title on the moped without having to go through all the trouble of contacting the previous owner. Also, if I were to contact the previous owner and they said that they won't put in for a lost title, what do I do then? Alright, I've ranted long enough, but, if anyone can, please post back as soon as possible if you have any info that can help speed up my purchase. The sooner I can get a moped the sooner I can join the army...

Re: Lost title in Illinois...

Oh, you are in for a long ride, I'm afraid! I live in IL too and I got a huge hassle when I bought my moped because it had never been titled...

The VIN should be enough for the State to be able to do a title search if that 'ped was once titled in IL. But it will probably take forever for them to do it. And then they would need a copy of the original title showing that ownership was transferred to you. Which means the person who is named on the title as the owner of the 'ped would need to sign it over to you and give you a Bill of Sale as well. If that owner can't be found, there is no way the State will put the title in your name. For example, if someone abandoned a car in your yard without a title, you would never be able to legally own that car. Also, you can't get plates without a title.

If I were you, I would take a pass on this. It would probably end up being more of a headache than it's worth. Tell the seller that you will buy it only if he can produce a title for it.

Your only other alternative is to go ahead and ride it without plates or title. But the fines you could incur would probably end up being more than what you'd pay for the 'ped.

Call the Secretary of State if you need more information.


Yeah, I knew that that would probably be the problem. Well, from what I know this seller sort of knows the woman who had it last so he might be able to talk to her about putting in for a lost title, which would cut a huge chunk out of my waiting time. Hell, she might even still have the title, but I can't get my hopes up. Either way, the guy is willing to hold the moped, since I filled him with fear over selling the ped without a title, and he said that if I help him get information on getting a title then he will definently sell this bike to me. Oh well, I can keep looking for another ped while I wait for this one, and, who knows, maybe the previous owner has the title and can ship it right to the seller. You know, maybe I should move to a different state where a title isn't required.

Re: Damn...

I hope you didn't tell the seller that he could sell the 'ped to someone in another State that doesn't require registration! (-;

I hope the previous owner can cough up a title. And I'm glad the guy is willing to hold it for you.

I went to the DMV about 5 times before they finally registered my moped. It was a supreme hassle, and I was ready to put my new 'ped up for sale because of it. And I don't understand why it costs the same to register a moped as it does a motorcycle. The good part is, you can park a moped like a bicycle (for free), but with a motorcycle, you have to park in a parking space, which isn't always free....

A few months ago I would have moved with you out of this State!!

Let us know what happens.

What will become of this...

I'll post good news as soon as I hear it. Tonight I am going to meet the guy and check out the ped, and don't worry, I did not tell him about going to a different buyer from another state:) Besides, I think Wisconsin and Iowa require titles for mopeds and I figure that not too many buyers are going to come from three states over for a couple of hundred dollar bike. Either way, I'm still going to keep my ear to the ground for other Honda mopeds or scooters in the northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin area. Also, you said that you went to the DMV 5 times to register? I was thankful that my mother took the time to go there twice, on top of the calls to the police and the barsteds that sold me my previous moped. All we wanted from them was a full refund if they couldn't cough up a title but they were actually going to fight us over $150 because they felt that they would have lost a sale if we returned the bike. But they couldn't have sold without a title in the first place! It is sad to see that so many people are blunt, ignorant, and self determined that they are ALWAYS right. Thankfully, I can always turn to isolation to help "get away from it all".


I doubt you'll need this info but I got this from Craig on the Expressly Mopeds forum:

OK. Here's an easier way: go to the Secretary of State's Office and ask for the form to apply for a lost title. DO NOT tell them it's for a moped! DO NOT do a title search! Too much info and state employees tend to get confused.

Just take the form and run! When you get home log onto the S.O.S. web site at www.dcyberdriveillinois.com and look up the fee. I believe it's $63.00 + $38.00 for the plates.

Make copies of your completed forms. Mail the check and the form to Springfield. And wait.

It takes about 6 to 8 weeks for the title and plates to come through...in the mean time keep the copies in your wallet when you ride. If the police were to stop you at least you've got proof the paperwork is in the hands of the state. You must also have proof of insurance - this you can get without a title too.

Yes you can get a driver's license without a title - those are 2 separate issues.

As far as the seller is concerned, a bill of sale listing the VIN and stating that there is no title gets him off the hook.

With the State of IL employees - take the easiest route possible. They know just enough to be dangerous.

Good luck!



I don't know about your state but I posted before about PA. I went and sold the ped to a salvage yard and then turned right around and bought it back for $10.00 more so I had a salvage ticket for $10.00 and then I could get a salvage title no problem.

Re: maybe...

Hi Chris, I too live in Illinois the home of $62.00 title fees and $35.00 moped license plates. You can thank your present Gov. Mr George Ryan for his Build illinois first program for the unbeleivable high fees.

I have brought in three non us model motorcycles into the states. Being that they had foreign titles it was just like owning a bike with no title. I paid International title service $75.00 and they sent me the paperwork to apply for a Illinois title. It has worked every time. I just did it this last April on a Yamaha RZ500 V4 2 stroke bike from Canada. The state of New Hampshire allows transfers of Cars and bikes over 11 years old with no title if sold by a dealer. International Title service is set up as a dealer in New Hampshire. All you have to do is send them the Vin No. and $75.00 and in one week you will have the paper work back to apply for the Illinois title.This is legal too as it is New Hampshire law. International title service has a web page just http://www.autotitles.com/ I know with a $200.00 dollar bike is it worth an extra $75.00? close call. Good luck


Re: maybe...

Hi,Bob! If you think Illinois moped reqs. are bad,check out Texas law.WHEW!What a mess.Have to have motorcycle skills test and another test unless you get a WAIVER of the skills test,whatever that means.C'MON TEXAS,LIGHTEN UP !!

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