Adventures in Transmission Transplanting

XBrandon EdgeX /

Well, I made my 77 Puch Newport into a 2-speed today. It was an interesting experience. Here's some interesting things to remember when making a one speed Puch into a two speed Puch:

1. The intake manifold must be taller on a two speed than on a one speed.

2. You have to get creative when relocating the coil. Mine was half bracketed to the intake stud, half wedged between the starter clutch cable and the carburator.

3. Write down the wiring diagram before you pull everything apart.

4. Most importantly, make sure you're putting in a good transmission.

This was the first time the transmission had been run with an engine that didn't have an exhaust leak. I discovered that the transmission made some noises that were't exactly "music to my ears" (well, thrash-metal maybe). The sound resembled every piece in the transmission grinding against every other piece, while at the same time the bearings were shot. Maybe what churning butter mixed with shrapnel sounds like. Needless to say, I'm putting the siggle-speed back in it tomorrow. Goodbye acceleration.

Oh well, I'll just get a Tomos Revival to add to the collection. It's the most beautiful bike I've ever seen. check it out at

I'm getting the pedal version definitely

Re: Adventures in Transmission Transplanting

Sounds like a week long project, sorry it did not work out.

That job sounded like a multiple knuckle buster.


Checked out the revival, cool ped, still prefer the targa/sprint.

I bet if you got pulled over they would ask you for your motorcycle liscence.

(I guess that is something most pedders chuckle about when asked/ I got a M class liscence though:~)

Last week in a Kawasaki dealership I saw a 125cc cruiser, striking resembelence.

Re: Adventures in Transmission Transplanting

XBrandon EdgeX /

Plus, with a two-speed trans, it just isn't the same experience. It's doesn't even seem like the same bike. Call me wierd, but I kinda enjoy the feeling of crossing a busy highway and wondering if I'll make it!

I'm starting to have second thoughts on Revival. It's a little pricey, but it gets better mileage than my Puch. And you gotta dig all that chrome and polished aluminium!

I really love my Newport. I'd hate to make her jealous :)

Re: Adventures in Transmission Transplanting

Reeperette /

Imma get me the Revival, Brandon...with electric start and the 70cc kit, and Sprockets and go all the way, and prolly tag and license it.

I know some purists might choke on that...but I doubt it's going to be the only moped in my collection, and I like riding the stock jobbies too.

I just wanna see how "Xtreme" I can go with it, is all.


(when you only got one leg to kick with, electrical start on a moped is a dream come true.)

Re: Adventures in Transmission Transplanting

XBrandon EdgeX /

Yeah, I ordered one, but the next day I cancelled the order. When you're unemployed, you have to watch your spending, and you watch it closer on some days than others.

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