Puch Motocrosser

Hey, anyone out there know anything about Puch motocross machines? I saw one at the junkyard some time ago. It looked to be 70's vintage due to the double shocks on the back. It was aircooled and looked like it had some serious displacement due to the size of the cylinder, maybe 200cc or more. I talked to a fellow motorcyclist whos been riding and racing long enough to remember them. He had seen them on rare occasions but knew nothing about them. He said they were never popular like Maiccos and Bultacos but a few people raced 'em. I thought about picking it up because I have had a couple of Puch 'peds but, it wasn't very complete and I doubt I would ever be able to get parts for it. Keeping my old KTM running is challenging enough! It was probably a really cool machine in its time and would be worth something now if it ran...

Re: Puch Motocrosser

Yes, and it wasn't a cool machine in it's day. They weren't popular in the states, not very many dealers and getting parts for them is worse than trying to find parts for a Bultaco, Montessa, or an Ossa. It's why japanese bikes became very popular in the late 60's, they weren't that great but by god when it broke, you could get parts for it so that you could keep riding. My brother had a Penton / KTM ( kan't take much ) it was well constructed, but you had to get a loan from the bank whenever you had to fix it, if you could find the parts. He rides a Honda now. Just steer clear of it unless he's giving it away.

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