moped stalling at stops

I have a 1980 Batavus Starflite 30 mph version moped. Everytime I come to a stop, the dumb thing wants to quit amd sometimes it does. I adjusted the idle speed to a faster speed but it still wants to do it. I am also running it without any type of air filter on the carb. Does that have anything to do with it? I talked to the guy who owned it before me and he said it did the same thing to him. I am also running it in 90 degree weather. One other thing that is wrong is that when I start it, it is harder than ever to start. Sometimes takes me 5 minutes to start. If anyone knows whats wrong please help me.

Re: moped stalling at stops

Get yourself a new spark plug

Re: moped stalling at stops


I had a simillar problemwith my 1975 HS-50. Fox is right...a new plug did wonders. I still had problems though. Recheck your idle speed, clean out your fuel filters, and check your timimg. I did all that and it starts (and runs) fine. I did find that it starts WAy easier when warm, and when it had problems there, it was because the fuel flow was blocked. As for running with no air filter, you may be leaning out at higher speed. I found that if my performance was better with a little choke at full throttle, it was too lean. I hope this helps.


Re: moped stalling at stops

Hello, put the air filter back on. I know you get more performance out of it, but in the long run you will ruin your engine. The filter is there so that no dirt or debris gets into you're cylinder, w/out it, you will develop scratches and pits in you''re engine, and it will be ruined. Also, try pulling the throttle cable through a tiny tiny bit, this should help considerable. Hope i was of help.

Re: moped stalling at stops

Doug Davidson /

Hi there, I also have a 78 Starflight, if it`s loading up on you, what it sounds like, then its due a good carb cleaning. You can find excellent help with "FREDS REPAIR GUIDE" listed in resources I think, but it is on this website...Good Luck! Doug D.

Re: moped stalling at stops

Rob Gibbons /

sounds like a dirty carb.

1- hot weather means more dust

2- no filter means LOTS OF DIRT

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